Preview: Rocking the Boat – Kids Building Boats & Extraordinary Lives

Here are three videos that show Rocking the Boat in action, and you can . . .


We are in awe of this program, the crew there, and especially the kis who take on these challenges to better themselves and their families.

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24 Responses So Far to “Rocking the Boat – Kids Building Boats & Extraordinary Lives

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    james haussener says:

    Too bad these are behind the prescription firewall, be nice to share with non-members who row.

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    Wolfgang Doughty says:

    ”Master Shipwright” may equal Master Lifewright, some day

    Thanks OCH on a peek into how to help better one life at a time

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    John Franklin Jr says:

    I grew up on Long Island Sound. I desperately wanted my own boat but my family was not in a position to afford one. At the age of 12, I went to various adult events with my parents and hustled other adults for money. I raised $50, bought a kit for an 8 foot pram which I built with my father’s help. I and my younger brother used it for many years. Flash forward, I have captained a 47 foot yawl in Maine for 25. years.During high school I was crew on a boat that won the Long Island Sound Junior championships. So I understand the power of building one’s first boat.

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    Joseph Wl Haley III says:

    My home in old Sarasota Fl. allowed me to start sailing at age 8. I mowed lawns and did chores for money to buy a new Optamus Pram with sails for $75. Found a sponsor half of it. Learned racing in the Pram Fleet. Moved on to larger sail, like crewing on the old Tide-Water built 21′ Fish Class. Bought a share in a Rhoads Bantam. Joined the Sailing Squadron and sailed dozens of Class Boats. At 18 went to sea as crew on a 120′ Staysail, and 90′ Topsail Schooners out of Miami and in the Caribbean. I thank all those adults that took the time to teach this lad of sail and sea.

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    John Knops says:

    We didn’t have a program such as this where Igrew up in Montreal, but I had a father instead. With him I fixed up our rowboat, built a inner tube “thing”, fiberglassed a Peterborough runabout and motored around the lake. The interest continued and set me into the marine insurance world for many years. I finally built a rowboat from Wooden Boat plans in 6 weeks and got it in the water before freezeup in the Yukon. I now have a Macgregor 26 which I sail whenever I can which is often when you retire from the 8:30 to 4:30 grind. To think it all started from rowing and motoring in a 14 ft. rowboat bought by me father from a department store. These kids will remember the times they had building boats and who knows one of them may turn out to be a master shipwright.

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      Ronald Wood says:

      As a young bloke growing up on the foreshore of Botany Bay south of Sydney I used to watch the local kids go sailing in small 2 person sailing boats and I was hooked .i used to go to the sailing club on the weekend help lift boats out of the sheds to be rigged and go sailing .I finally was asked if I wanted to crew in a dinghy and from that day on I have been totally hooked on sailing . I graduated to larger boats , 16 foot skiffs which I really enjoyed . I have enjoyed sailing all of my life and the program I see these young people being trained ,in building boats then rowing and others sailing will last with them I hope forever . It is a brilliant opportunity they are being given and the joy they seem to get out of this is wonderful to see. This organisation is brilliant and I hope they get the support they deserve . It is a wonderful program which could be utilized really all over the world . Thanks to OCH for showing this thoroughly deserving program , it is excellent .

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    Doug Welch says:

    Thanks for sharing, Steve. I had the opportunity chat with some of these kids at the WoodenBoat Show in CT a few years back. In these troubling times these films and RTB’s work are all the more powerful.

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    Don Cullen says:

    Kids are the future and looking at this program gives one hope .

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    Chris Heape says:

    That’s brilliant! wish I had that at that age! Mind expanding stuff!

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    Mark Darley says:

    Awesome! Truly inspirational and not only for these kids but also for those of us watching what boat building, sailing and rowing can and should be doing for young people.
    We will be donating, and yes, please send an email link that I can put up on social media to show friends who will likely also donate. Astonishing and important work Rocking The Boat, and thank you OCH for making us aware of it.

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    Harold Wheeler says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!!! Making wooden boats and a better world, what more could you ask for.

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    Francis S Capsan says:

    You guys just keep astonishing me with the vid’s you present us with!
    I enjoy every one of the boat series, interviews, profiles of watermen … and women, and insights into what makes a good boat. Boat regattas, boat shows & festivals I never knew existed… and the list goes on.
    This one on ‘Rocking the Boat’ is a gem of a different color (like the horse of a different color) but it too deals with an organization I had never heard of.
    I’m definitely going to be donating come the fall 2020 fund raising event for RTB.
    Cheers, fsc

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    Henry Veenhoven says:

    What a great program. I’m very impressed. It would be a great idea for so many locations.

  • Avatar

    John Brame says:

    Beautiful videos, well done to all and sundry !!!!

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    DICK HORAN says:

    I’d like to make a donation. Should I do it directly on their website (via the link above)? If so, how will the administrator of the matching funds be informed?

    Did I miss a donation link on your emails to OCH members?


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    William Sanchez says:

    Having been a part of the Boys Scout program in the poorest neighborhoods in El Paso Tx, Rockin the Boat program seems to be just as great, develops the young people and establishes core values. Congratulations on the good work. When the info for contributions comes, I will certainly contribute.

    William in SD

  • Avatar

    George Shea says:

    Is this on Facebook so I can put it in my page?

  • Avatar

    Jim Van den berg says:

    I have many sailor friends that I think would contribute . they are not off center members, is there a link I can send them

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Yes, Jim. Good point, and I’m glad you reminded me. We’ll send the link in an email next week, and you can forward that to anyone you know. Your comment reminded me to put that in next week’s email.

  • Avatar

    peter strietmann says:

    Very cool. 20 years, lots of water under the bridge!