Preview: Roger Barnes: Drizzly Days in the Shallows of Brittany Aboard Avel Dro

Roger Barnes at his finest — heading out when everyone else bails because the weather isn’t perfect:


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13 Responses So Far to “Roger Barnes: Drizzly Days in the Shallows of Brittany Aboard Avel Dro

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    ron godwin says:

    what an experience. Life is what you make it.
    This reminds me of my . early teens (or before) of mucking around in Southampton Water and Hamble River some 70 years ago,.There was a lot more mud in the creeks leading into the edge of the New Forest opposite where I lived in Netley but it was part of the adventure,
    Roger you have almost made me regret taking up racing all these years!
    Your videos are superb and epitomizes well thought out simplicity of sailing, but why not a rope bridle over the tiller instead of the manual swap over?

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    Neil Henderson says:

    What a wonderful video – and I thought it was only the sun that enticed ‘ mad dogs and Englishmen” seems that the rain is equally enticing. You’d never catch a Scotsman doing that, mainly because the mist is too thick to see the rain!
    Do keep making the videos Roger – it makes us all better :-)

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      Neil Henderson says:

      Totally agree with the cutlery comments – my mother and granny would never have tolerated a fork in the right hand.

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    edgar gatewood says:

    Roger, you’ve taught us a lot about what’s important, and we’re very grateful.

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    Phil Chase says:

    Got a kick out of the utensil commentary! My mother was from England and she taught me the proper way to use a knife and fork. Throughout my early life I had to explain myself in the US. Always thought the European way was more practical.

    Also love small craft camping. I don’t go far, but the coves, estuaries, and other gunkholes are usually surrounded by glorious views, quiet, and I rarely have to worry about swinging into another boat on anchor. Although I have a little cuddy on my APBY 16 catboat, my boom tent makes a fine extension to give me a little room for cooking, etc. when the weather is inclement or even when the sun is just too hot.

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    Mike Obel says:

    In a world where sailors are bombarded with so many advertisements, videos and peer pressure to get a bigger boat with yet more accessories, Roger Barnes demonstrates how lovely, how sensible, going smaller and simpler really is. Just one of his dinghy cruising videos can overthrow the effect of all the inducements we face to bulk up, spend more and therefore — let’s be honest — sail less. Barnes contra mundum.

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    Peter Hales says:

    Thats a bloody classic vid mate , love your work .

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    Burke Horner says:

    Well done, and a continual smile in the midst of inclement weather, The Boulangerie stopoff was well done, with a well brewed cup of coffee!

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    Baxter Evans says:

    Roger’s videos make me desire to try this kind of sailing. Living in Newfoundland, Canada I can certainly relate to cold wet foggy days and what a great way to make the best of it.

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    Barbara Woll Jones says:

    LOVE this – THE most relaxing and enjoyable bit of this day – thank you !!!

  • Dave Bruce

    Dave Bruce says:

    Well done Sir … such lovely lines and interior arrangements of all sorts … Your excellent harmony with it all … and my, you must have good circulation in your hands! : – ) Thank You so very much for sharing your lovely journey! Hip hip!!

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    Bob Pulse says:

    Refreshing trip. A little solitude, hot coffee, a night under the ……….. fog!! What more could one want.

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    Alan Kane says:

    Nice outing, and great attitude. Just do it, and have fun along the way. You don’t need the perfect day, you make it perfect.