Preview: Rowing & Sailing to Matinicus Island, with Sam and Susan Manning

Here’s an old PBS show with Susan and Sam Manning rowing and sailing out to Matinicus Island. Thanks to OCH member Dave Tew for sending this to us.

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20 Responses So Far to “Rowing & Sailing to Matinicus Island, with Sam and Susan Manning

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    Wolfgang Doughty says:

    A neat story, with neat boats & good folks.

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    Michael Mertaugh says:

    We sailed out to Matinicus Rock a few days ago in a much larger vessel in darkness and lumpy seas. It is impressive to see smaller, open boats do the same passage.

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    Eddie Reid says:

    great web great stuff I’m glad I signed up Eddie Reid.

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    David Satter says:

    Maynard, that was great ! Maybe my Penobscot 17 can do that trip when it’s done :)

  • Avatar

    Ian Hunter says:

    Wow !! That was so special, Thanks so much for sharing that !!

  • Avatar

    Andrew Nelson says:

    A life very well lived. Thanks for sharing a small piece of his life’s journey.

  • Avatar

    George Shea says:

    Wish they named the tunes/shanties. Tears in my eyes for the love of the sea, my god how so very brave and matter of fact.

  • Avatar

    Wayne Elliott says:

    Stop all the damned commercials. It is not what I paid for.

    • Avatar

      jeff Peterson says:

      Unbunch your undies it’s an old production provided for all our pleasure.
      commercials come with it….

      Thanks OFC another great add on.

  • Avatar

    Paul Mullins says:

    Yup,…mine too! Just finished my morning coffee as the video came to a close. Made me turn to look out over Lake Bomoseen and my Baybird,…”Starling”,…waiting for me. Should get up to about 7 knots today and can’t wait to get out on her!

  • Avatar

    Brad Babcock says:

    Everybody needs to do a little adventure once-in-awhile. That was a good one!

  • Avatar

    edward mcmahon says:

    Great videos both. This had to be the begging, although perhaps a little more adventurous, of all the small craft gatherings that have become so popular.

    Thanks and please keep up the great work!

  • Avatar

    Peter Dixon says:

    that is just gorgeous and looks even better from the other side of the pond in England!

  • Avatar

    Fred Murphy says:

    Thanks folks for that clip. Remembering Sam,

  • Avatar

    randall spurr says:

    what a sweet story, well done, thanks for the insight! Sam did do beautiful illustrations, very talented.

  • Avatar

    Matt Bowser says:

    Well, that made my morning. Thanks so much. Does anyone know when that was filmed?