Preview: Sail, Row, Paddle Race to Alaska – 1st Prize $10k, 2nd Steak Knives

Feeling crazy and over-confident? Got nothing going on next summer? Why not race from Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, Alaska? 750 miles of unsupported, non-motorized boating sounds like just the thing, right?

If so, then the “R2AK” or Race to Alaska is for you. It starts June 4th, 2015 and ends who nows when. Better start training.

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6 Responses So Far to “Sail, Row, Paddle Race to Alaska – 1st Prize $10k, 2nd Steak Knives

  • Avatar

    Tony Arkwright says:

    So how do I get details of the race, who placed first, second etc.

    • Nate Rooks

      Nate Rooks says:

      Tony, you can find all info, including the race tracker, team bios, replays, and daily updates at

    • Avatar

      Dustin Urban says:

      Good question… let’s hope so! Perhaps someone connected with the event can fill us in here?

  • Avatar

    Charles Barclay says:

    Saw the ad for the race in the WBF Magazine. Gotta love the imagery of 100 C notes nailed to the tree. They know how to market.

    • Avatar

      Dustin Urban says:

      They sure do, great imagery. Such a simple concept, such an epic undertaking!