Preview: Sailing a Restored Ingrid from WA to the Marquesas

December 16, 2022

Nate Rooks Nate Rooks

I met these folks in the San Juans in the summer of 2021 as they were just about to head south after restoring their 1961 Atkin Ingrid ketch, JULIA G, a predecessor of my own boat as homebuilt Ingrids from Desolation Sound. The owners were sweet people on the cusp of the adventure of a lifetime with a very impressive boat; they’d learned to cast bronze, sew sails and canvas, and do all kinds of woodwork over 4 years in Seattle, chasing a dream that they’re now living.

Madison Boatworks’ videos are markedly different from most sailing YouTubes – patiently composed with mostly voiceover narration and focused on the authentic experience, not clickbait. In this newest video, they’ve reached the Marquesas and bring us along on a tour that really makes us feel like we’ve landed on Nuku Hiva too.

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