Preview: VIXEN’s Voyage

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a family at sea? 

Bruce and Tiffany Halabisky have spent the last eight years cruising in their 34′ Atkin gaff cutter VIXEN while raising their two daughters, Solianna and Seffa Jane (now eight and four) onboard. Together, they have crossed the Indian Ocean, sailed across the Atlantic twice, and visited local communities alon the way. 

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8 Responses So Far to “VIXEN’s Voyage

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    Ellen Massey Leonard says:

    Great video! Can certainly relate to a lot of it – doing without most modern conveniences, the slow pace, keeping things simple, the rich experiences, and the kindness of people in ports around the world. Well spoken! And beautiful footage!

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    C Bradley Hindle says:

    please post more vids as your children grow up. i have a feeling they will be very interesting to watch grow into adults!

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    Todd Waffner says:

    I moored next to this boat with my Caledonia Yawl up on Orcas Island, WA last summer. I was intrigued by this boat and a wooden ketch moored close by equipped with square sails that I assumed were for the trade winds… who knew the stories this boat and her crew had to tell! Great stuff!

    I too have two young girls… now I have to convince my wife!

    Maybe the key is starting small : )

  • Avatar

    Burton Blais says:

    What a gorgeous family! You are rich beyond compare…

  • Avatar

    Clay Ford says:

    Thank you for sharing. Those two young’uns are so what youth today should be–balanced but adventurous with two wonderful parents to guide them through their formative years. I would loved to have done something like that, but my life has taken a different path. Hopefully that will take a bit of a different turn when I finish my skiff and explore locally in my senior years with my dear wife.

  • Avatar

    Brian Brown says:

    Incredible way to raise your family!!! Would love to see more of your past, present, future travels??

  • Avatar

    William McCaffrey says:

    A simple life full of love and peace… is this what heaven will be like? Certainly explains why less is more. Thank you so much for sharing!