Preview: Sandy Hook Remembrance Sculpture Built at Brooklin Boat Yard

Check out the beautiful sculpture that Todd Skoog and Rick Chamberlain built at Brooklin Boat Yard for the Sandy Hook Remembrance Garden. Bummed that we didn’t make a video of the building of this piece that will be experienced by so many.

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4 Responses So Far to “Sandy Hook Remembrance Sculpture Built at Brooklin Boat Yard

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    I probably shouldn’t say anything but watching from afar from Oz and knowing absolutely nothing of the local issues, both current and historical, I just can’t understand this whole gun thing. A friend asked me to hold his fox rifle recently while he opened a gate, might as well have been a snake I was holding. I did not feel anything pleasurable from the device. It had a Harry Potter/Voldemort sort of energy about it. Dark.

    What beautiful wood work and passion. It all makes me melancholy.

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    Chad Brown says:

    Thank you to the Artists and all of the crew at The Brooklin Boat yard for your beautiful sculpture. When I reflect on my troubles in life, they become so insignificant to that of losing a child. My heart aches for what is going on today in our culture.

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    Alison Langley says:

    So glad you captured this installation. Beautiful work Rick and Todd!