Preview: Schooner Martha in the 2015 Transpac Race

Here is a little video of the 1907 (yes, she’s 108 years old) schooner MARTHA in the 2015 TransPac Race. She was the oldest boat in the race (perhaps ever over the long history of the TransPac) with the youngest crew member Mary D’Arcy (12). She was also one of only two wooden boats (I believe) and the only schooner.

Due to high and dangerous surf along that side of the iland, MARTHA was actually the last boat allowed into the yacht harbor until the next day. MARTHA finished down in the standings (they sailed more conservatively than other boats — she has a long way to get home, and a “day job”) but my God, look at her go!

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9 Responses So Far to “Schooner Martha in the 2015 Transpac Race

  • Avatar

    steve johnson says:

    So Good !! Beautifully filmed.. full of sprite ! Thank you !

  • Avatar

    Ginny Jones says:

    I’d forgotten how much fun this movie is, or how the crew enjoyed the sail to Hawaii. I’d also forgotten how different the water looks closer to the Equator in the Pacific rather than up in the Pacific North West where MARTHA normally sails!

  • Avatar

    William Hammond says:

    Makes the sea legs wobble with anticipation!! Great Voyage!! Great People!! Great opportunity!! Thanks for making us all enviable!! Hope to get out from the Great Lakes to Port Townsend one of these days!!

  • Avatar

    Thomas Buzzi says:

    Can’t beat that with a stick. What a way to travel.

  • Avatar

    Hans Scholl says:

    Ginny, thank you for sharing this. How much happier can life at sea be? Hans

  • Avatar

    Ken Strangward says:

    What a great experience for the young one, fun video of what would have been a memorable trip.

  • Avatar

    Chris Cournoyer says:

    T’will be great to see the Martha again in Port Townsend for the PTWBFest! Thanks for sharing her voyage.

  • Avatar

    michele del monaco says:

    shared with my daughter, it’s really awesome. Thank you very very much.