Preview: A Second Life

July 9, 2020

Steve Stone Steve Stone

It’s not often that any of us get to have a second life, doing something we love that is totally different than our lifelong profession. OCH member Gerald Shapiro (“Shep”) was a composer and a professor of music at Brown University.

Meanwhile, he quietly built over a dozen boats for himself and others.

In his retirement, he decided to teach a slightly different course at Brown — How to Build a Wooden Boat. Along with a finished boat, a video came from the course, filmed by one of the students who had a knack for storytelling and filmmaking. We have been struck by how easily these young first-time builders articulate the deeper discoveries available in the process of building a wooden boat. Some damn good involved teaching no doubt.

If you enjoyed this video, you’ll be glad to hear that we’re part way through filming a video with Shep and his friend Jonathan Movson about their building of a Haven 12 1/2 of their own. Here are a couple photos they sent us recently just before the launching.

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