Preview: Song of the Paddle, with Bill Mason & Family

Bill Mason and family were pioneers in the field of getting way out there in a boat and slowing down. The filming style is a bit dated, but timely just the same:

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15 Responses So Far to “Song of the Paddle, with Bill Mason & Family

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    Donald Goldring says:

    Canoe trip memories with your family will last a lifetime for you,your kids, and your grandkids.

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    Jim Boyer says:

    Thanks for the film–makes me miss our annual trip to Algonquin Provincial Park in May–first time we’ve missed for over 20 years. Darn Covid-19! This was a great reminder of why I build canoes!

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    Chris Romberg says:

    If you like this video, you should check out Waterwalker, on the NFB website listed in the post above. It is a full legnth movie by Mason. I bet I have watched it 20 times!

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    Harold Wheeler says:

    Delightful as always, had me hooked from the first minute.

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    Stephen L. Clark says:

    Canoe/Catamaran with spinnaker rig particularly interesting. Filming the storm footage must have been difficult. A treat to watch. Thanks.

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    Richard Raymond says:

    I spent six years guiding, working, and studying in the Boundary Waters in the early 1960s. This brought back good memories.

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    Fritz Seegers says:

    I sailed much of what Bill and his family paddled. I’ve paddled all over the interior of Ontario. Very familiar and beautiful land that I love and missed especially because America can’t keep its Pandemic down and we can’t go to Canada. Hey, you Canadians, I don’t blame you a bit keep the border closed until America understands science and stay healthy. I hope to see you soon.

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    Peter Frost says:

    Bill and his family were canoeing legends in Canada. Bill was a wonderful filmmaker as this video attests. For a change of pace Goggle “Paddle-to-the-sea” a children’s film Bill made in the 60s. I still enjoy watching it every so often. The book on which Bill’s film was made, was given to me when I was about six, and was one of my absolute favorites.

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    Roger Whittaker says:

    Shows like that used to be all that CBC showed for late afternoon filler –
    watched hours of them

  • Avatar

    Barry Collins says:

    Great film! Really enjoyed that. Harkens back to the days before cellphones when you actually had to talk to each other! Great photography as well ! Makes me want to get out there.