Preview: Tall Ship Sailing in Tasmania

January 12, 2015

Steve Stone Steve Stone

The anticipation is building for OffCenterHarbor’s first journey to the Australian Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart, Tasmania. Deep in downeast Maine winter, it seems impossible that rugged coastlines, kindred spirits and beautiful boats await our arrival down under.

Watching films like this, we can hardly wait.

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Description from Youtube:
A case of Carlsberg, many handy mates, an eye for beauty and lots of luck coincided to bring the Yukon, a gaff rigged Hajkutter in her first incarnation, to Tasmania’s shores.

Built of oak in 1930 to trawl the North Sea as far as Scotland’s Aberdeen, her next incarnation was as a pleasure craft socialising on the Danish wooden boat circuit.

By the time we saw her lovely lines she had hit hard times. We rescued the Yukon from the bottom of a harbour near Copenhagen and negotiated hard for her sale price — a case of cold beer.

After seven years of restoration, much more socialising at Denmark’s boating festivals and a circumnavigation of the globe, the Yukon is here for adventures in Tasmania.

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