Preview: Team New Zealand Training in Moths

January 14, 2015

Steve Stone Steve Stone

I was in New Zealand when Team New Zealand won the America’s Cup for the first time.  The entire country came to a standstill.  For every race.  The whole frickin’ country was wearing bright red socks to copy Sir Peter Blake, who wore them because he thought they were “lucky.”

It was just a bunch of rag-tag “nobody” sailors who never had a chance, and those boys wiped the field in convincing fashion.

Nowadays, it’s a little different — it’s rock stars in $300 sunglasses, and the new campaign’s training starts by balancing a marble on the top of a thimble at 20 knots… in perhaps THE most beautiful bay in the world — the Bay of Islands.

Enjoy the boys and the boats, but check out the scenery in “The Bay”…

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