Preview: There’s No Place Like Here: Liberty Tool

June 14, 2012

Steve Stone Steve Stone

Every woodworker has a favorite used tool barn, if they're lucky. Over the winter, I took my son Jack (age 11) on the rounds around town to see some of the boat builders. We asked each guy what tools Jack should have to start his tool kit. Brian Rieff showed Jack his 12 point saw and a tip or two on how to use it. Brian Larkin suggested a good #2 plane, and Maynard showed Jack his sanding block, scraper and spoke shave. Jack took notes, and soaked up the suggestions. Next, we watched the video on the Boatbuilder's Basic Tool Kit with Harry Bryan, and then we headed over to the Tool Barn in Hull's Cove (also owned by Liberty Tool). Jack picked up a whole kit of tools for about $60. Then we built a tool box and a tool bench. What a great feeling. For Jack, and for his dad.

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