Preview: Van Dam’ Gentleman’s Runabout on American Craftsman:

Steve Van Dam has been building custom wooden boats since the late 1970’s. Known for a modern take on the classic gentleman’s runabouts and race boats, his creations are second to none for quality and aesthetics. Here’s a video that tells the story of one of their builds; watch it and learn how one of the best in the business goes from planning to a spectacular finished boat.

I hop you enjoy it, Ben Mendlowitz

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5 Responses So Far to “Van Dam’ Gentleman’s Runabout on American Craftsman:

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    Bob Brown says:

    Looks like the link to the video needs to be updated.

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    Walter Allan says:

    Great video, Ben. It would be interesting to hear Eric and Maynard’s take on their construction techniques. Interesting needs for those tolerances. Perhaps that is the way with all cold molding?

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      Eric Blake says:

      Hello Walter,
      It was so fun to watch this. Steve gave me my first job out of boatbuilding school. His son Ben who is now running projects there was just a young one building his first Nutshell pram. I don’t know a builder with more attention to detail than Steve Van Dam. I learned a great deal working for him, and have the utmost respect for his boats. They are true masterpieces. Like any building process, you as the builder set the tolerances that are acceptable to your project. Steve sets the bar pretty high, and his boats reflect this.
      Best, Eric