Preview: Viking Longship DRAKEN HARALD HÅRFAGRE

Built in Haugesund, Norway, and launched in 2012, the DRAKEN HARALD HÅRFAGRE is the largest viking longship built in modern times. The ship is 35 metres (115 ft) long with a beam of approximately 7.5 metres (25 ft) and a displacement of about 70 metric tons. She’s built from oak using historic clinker construction methods, and she carries 300 square etres (3,200 sq ft) of sail (

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6 Responses So Far to “Viking Longship DRAKEN HARALD HÅRFAGRE

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    Steven Toby says:

    The ship seemed to be sailing very fast indeed. Impressive! I would have been helped by a narrator explaining what the crew was doing. She was obviously a handful, requiring teamwork from many strong people to control the sail, but I couldn’t quite follow the adjustments they were making.

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      Paul Gill says:

      Right! I am nearing completion of NANNA (Norse goddess of peace and joy), and often picture her sailing up the Sognefjord or the Hardangerfjord under a full press of sail!

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    Michael Naumann says:

    Amazing Norwegians. And yet, those Vikings were a scary, murderous group of sailors – ask the people (if one could…) of Dublin, Hamburg, Lübeck, in fact even those living far in the center of Europe, on the banks of the Rhine or the Vistula etc.,There is an ancient original Viking boat, preserved in the mud of a swamp in Holstein, now shown in a museum in the town of Schleswig, Germany. If I remember correctly: No nails, the clinker-boards held together by leather-straps. Beautiful to look at, but a reminder of horrible times…

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    Jim Kramer says:

    Impressive! Wish there was a view from another boat while underway.