Preview: What Hand Tools Do I Need for Boatbuilding?

This Flotsam video was discovered by Off Center Harbor member Mike Plumer, and features boatbuilder Mark Reuten who’s shop is in Victoria, British Columbia. Mark is a graduate of the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding in Port Hadlock, Washington. Thanks for tipping us off on this video, Mike:

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5 Responses So Far to “What Hand Tools Do I Need for Boatbuilding?

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    Jon Baldock says:

    I really appreciated viewing the shop layouts as well as the necessary tools. I can see it makes work easier with good organization. This led me to many more ideas on what I should be thinking about. Thanks Jon Baldock

  • Avatar

    Daniel O'Sullivan says:

    Very well presented. With a couple small exceptions I like every tool you presented and the points you emphasized. Thank you Sir.

  • Avatar

    christopher Dewitt says:

    This is a great presentation. Well done. It has made me reconsider how many tools I need to carry with me and what needs to be on the bench. Thank you.

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    Thanks for this. Although I have mechanic’s and other tools as well, I intend to have separate tool boxes and benches for boat, home and auto projects in our new garage/shop now under construction. Praying for a mild winter so it can be done in time for spring commissioning.

  • Avatar

    Ranga Morlin says:

    Thank you Mark. We need to be reminded that less is more. Well done.