Preview: Why I Build — Stone Mason Jane Dewitt

In the “Age of the Kardashians”, I’m sure glad we’re starting to see more short films about women like Jane Dewitt.

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15 Responses So Far to “Why I Build — Stone Mason Jane Dewitt

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    Walter Connolly says:

    In Ireland its called the Penny wall, the British would pay a penny to the peasants to build the walls.

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    Thomas King says:

    I am open to learning from the female gender. not growing up in icy conditions I had not heard the expression “heaving” stone. But even in the tropics there is a similar phenomenon of stone coming to the surface over time. I appreciate the egalitarianism shown in this clip. My sister rocks too.

  • John Homer

    John Homer says:

    Truly amazing… Can clearly see the love/hate relationship. Thanks for sharing .

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    steve johnson says:

    rich story,beautiful women of 3 generations,well told,well filmed,inspriing and uplifting..

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    Andy Reynolds says:

    Our modern built environment is filled with “quick and dirty” solutions that cut time and costs, and may look good initially but result in soul-less and short-lived results. Hand built stone masonry is the exact opposite, and a lot like building boats from wood; slow, labor intensive, but when done well, beautiful and satisfying to all who appreciate craftsman-(and woman)-ship, but especially so for the makers. The luckiest people are those who find work that nourishes the soul, as well as the body. Thanks to OCH for sharing, and FHB for making this video.

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    William FitzGerald says:

    Great work Jane! Refreshing to see women in the trades.

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    Thomas Rodes says:

    Like the sticker in the truck window “Girls Rock!” Indeed.

  • Avatar

    scott hitt says:

    “bone tired at the end of the day…” love that feeling…tactile….
    well done.

  • Avatar

    Her words are as mindful and well layered as those walls. Loved this story, Steve. Thanks for posting it! As a girl who grew up on a cattle ranch (different work, but similar “opportunity” to start chores as soon you’re old enough to go outside!) I relate to her love of the outdoors and the freedom to be yourself–applying physics and muscles and creativity–no matter your size or gender or age. <3

  • Avatar

    Bud Beyer says:

    Beautifully articulated philosophies, that are the essence of life no matter what your discipline.

  • Avatar

    John Archard says:

    Yes those are beautiful yet powerful expressive thoughts etched into ones mind that can only come from passionate hard work for living a life well. We all need to strive for that in order to achieve true happiness.

  • Avatar

    James Cornwell says:

    Well said! Me too! The act of building, of making, is life-sustaining.