Preview: Wood on Water

An inspiring short film featuring a group of teenagers on a 40-day canoe journey through the Canadian wilderness. Beautiful shots and story of how the history of the land, the building of wooden canoes, and traveling traditionally help shape characters. 

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7 Responses So Far to “Wood on Water

  • Avatar

    Donald Goldring says:

    There is nothing like a canoe trip for young and old to break away from their daily lives of
    stress , noise and technology. I have canoed most of my 75 years in my province of Ontario with my wife, my kids and my grandchildren, and still take overnight canoe trips with them all to this day. Memories we all will never forget. Algonquin Park is still my favourite place to camp and canoe the interior.

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    One of my earliest canoe trips was down a Maine river when I was fourteen. It was a great experience. I went with a friend and his father (a Maine Guide and Old Town salesman) their dentist and his daughter. I made several canoe trips later with college friends introducing them to the pleasures and challenges of wilderness exploration. My daughter caught the bug and was a whitewater river-rafting and sea kayaking guide during and just after her college years.

  • Avatar

    Bruce LePage says:

    Having been many times into the Alagash Wilderness this film brought back many memories.

  • Stuart James

    Stuart James says:

    A truely life changing experience that should be available all young people.

  • Avatar

    Bill Theurkauf says:

    An amazing group of young woman tackle a beautifully but very challenging trip with grace and humor. Don’t pass up this one up!