Preview: “Wooden Boat Lunacy” Down Under

Looking ahead to some of the Off Center Crew heading Down Under this coming February, we found this examination of “Wooden Boat Lunacy” via Kiwi blog Waitemata Woodys. FOLLY III is a 1920s powercruiser with an obscured history yet still “dropping jaws to the dock” after a gorgeous restoration. The owner gives a nice look at the “why” of chershing a boat like this despite consuming far more resources than originally intended. A common story, but an uncommonly beautiful boat; both are testaments to the power of boats made from wood.

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3 Responses So Far to ““Wooden Boat Lunacy” Down Under

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    Henry Lawson says:

    I’m unsure as to whom I should be addressing re this post whether it’s Steve Stone or Nate Rooks. So here’s to both of you. A splendid little video about what looks to be a splendid boat. I was working at the 2019 AWBF in a variety of tasks so my free time was quite limited. Even so I got to see many of the vessels on display and do some sailing, cruising, and some good old dockside visiting – EGERIA, ONE AND ALL, JAMES CRAIG, MISTRAL II, PREANNA, MAY QUEEN, to name just a few. This was my 4th AWBFestival so I guess that makes me a regular although there are many who can chalk up more runs than me. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the “WBL” maybe next time. It would be great to see some shots or video clips of her interior. Anyway enjoy your days on the water. Must be easy to do on such a beautiful boat. I’m doing some research on the history of boating on the Hawkesbury since the early days – maybe the “WBL” should get a mention. Food for thought.
    In 2020 the ANMM Sydney is staging a Classic Wooden Boat Festival 1-3 May, 2020. How about registering your boat – it would be a sensation. Here is a link for details:| Thanks for the video and commentary.
    “Henry” Lawson 190215

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    Andrew Christie says:

    Folly III will be in Hobart in February 2019 for the AWBF. This film is entered in the first film festival at the AWBF in 2019. Thanks to Steve Stone for his lecture at the AWBF in 2015 without which this film would not have been made. Small world.