Preview: 1965 Tollycraft Vacationer, A 25′ Retro Cruiser

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In the 1950’s, when many Americans were moving out to the suburbs in two-tone Chevy Bel Airs, a few lucky families also went to sea in boats like this Tollycraft cruiser.

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11 Responses So Far to “1965 Tollycraft Vacationer, A 25′ Retro Cruiser

  • Avatar

    Paul Briggs says:

    While the stubby forefoot is not impressive to me, when you consider that this thing is a mere 25 feet and its accommodations are as good as this? Especially with a separate enclosed head, but when re-watching it and realizing Edwin Monk designed it- that explains it. Not just the space, but the lack of claustrophobia. Like Dr Who’s Tardis on the inside. Ya ever see these boats with a toilet under the berths? “Excuse me folks, gotta wake y’all up at 3 am so I can take a whiz next to where you were just sleepin!'” Who comes up with this??

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  • Avatar

    Robert Webber says:

    Great boat and video but would have really topped it off to have included a shot external to the boat cruising by.

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Yes, Robert, that AND a shot of us drinking martini’s in those retro chairs! It was our last shoot en route out of town with no chase boat handy. Darren, please mark your calendar.

  • Avatar

    Peter North says:

    The plywood cruisers from those days were great boats. Usually the problems, when there were any, had to do with the wood that held the plywood together. I went through high school (68-72) having fun on my fathers Chris Craft Cavalier. The Chris was very similar to the Tolly here. A functional layout below with a standing head, and a cockpit free and clear of the inboard box. They could go to. A weekend cruise across the 25 miles from Scituate to P-Town was done in no time. Just watch out for those “pots” since the prop and shaft were basically unprotected.

  • Avatar

    Ken Weinstein says:

    That was fun to learn about some not-so-yachty cruisers. Really enjoyed it.

  • Avatar

    Jonathan Mc Donald says:

    The Tolleycraft is a wonderful boat. I love the retro look to it, and also how portable it is. What a fantastic time!

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    When I was a kid the parents of a friend bought a brand new, open, 30′ CC Sea Skiff. I’d never even seen such a big open runabout much less ridden in one so jumped at the chance when asked along for an afternoon’s ride. (The boat looked like this only without the short hardtop: ) I was so disappointed! The owner was very timid and would only run at about five knots “breaking in the engine’ as he said to us when all we wanted was to SEE HOW FAST SHE WOULD GO WIDE OPEN THROTTLE! I pretty much lost interest in big runabouts after that fiasco. Pretty judgmental of me, huh? ;)

    • Avatar

      Paul Briggs says:

      Developed my love of powerboats by long term years of growing up around them in Lake Ontario/ Thousand Islands/ Finger Lakes. There are excellent ones, okay ones, and ill-conceived things we looked away from.

  • Avatar

    Capt Les Levy says:

    Tollys are great boats. I purchased a 1996 Tollycraft 45′ with twin Cat diesels in Boston 10 years ago and ran it from there to my home in Florida in December! Other than the frigid weather it was a great trip, 9 days in total. I’ve since cruised the boat around the Florida peninsula, including the Keys and several trips to the Bahamas. I once got caught during a night crossing to the Abacos by unexpected, violent weather and large seas. This boat is exceptionally seaworthy and seakindly and gives me a great sense of security offshore. I’m meticulous in maintaining and upgrading my boat and it shows as people can’t believe it’s 20 years old; it looks almost new.

  • Avatar

    Brian McCafferty says:

    Great Video. Reminds me of my first cruiser, a 1966 Chris Craft Sea Skiff with a single inboard. Bigger is not always better. Keep up the Great work OCH!!!! Cap’n Hook.


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