Preview: Coming Soon — 2022 Worldwide Classic Boat Show

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It’s right around the corner:

2022 Worldwide Classic Boat Show

Coming February 18-27 

Online at 

It’ll be hard to top last year’s show, but as always we have a few tricks up our sleeve (plus 6 new presentations). Watch for details in upcoming emails.

It’s all online, at, so you can attend without leaving your favorite chair, from anywhere in the world.

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14 Responses So Far to “Coming Soon — 2022 Worldwide Classic Boat Show

  • Avatar

    Barbara Woll Jones says:

    On the calendar in GREAT BIG LETTERS – thank you !!!

  • Avatar

    mike kitchen says:

    Jan. 17… blizzard in Canada. Thanks a lot. I really needed this!

  • Avatar

    Martin Meador says:

    I especially loved the PACIFIC and WALLACE FOSS!…thanks…

  • Avatar

    Steve S - RestHarrow Boatworks says:

    Fantastic!! That made my day at 10 below zero.

  • Avatar

    Glenn Emery says:

    Equal to the rush of 1 foot of fresh powder. Well done.

  • Heidi Roy

    Heidi Roy says:

    thank you for all the work all of you put into the presentations. I have a question, just by chance I watched a around the world sailing race in the ’80s ……are there more ?

  • Avatar

    Kenneth Murphy says:

    Can’t wait. Perfect short teaser for a rainy day in January

  • Avatar

    John Supan says:

    Wow. I hit the pause button so often my fingertip started to go numb. Great way to start a New Year. Thanks.

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    Wow. What a spectacular assortment of boats and videos.


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