Preview: A Sail Aboard HESPER – A Luke Powell Pilot Cutter

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September 15, 2023

Pilot cutters are legendary in the sailing world. It’s understandable.

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14 Responses So Far to “A Sail Aboard HESPER – A Luke Powell Pilot Cutter

  • Avatar

    Joseph Wl Haley III says:

    Thank you for that tour through the world of the ‘Pilot Cutter’. A more handsome sail I have never seen. I went back on Tom Culiffe’s site to see those Great Herring vessels that the ‘Clearances Highlanders’ built as well. There is so much more to lean than I ever expected from your site. Thank you from this old sailor!!

  • David and Margaret Tew

    David and Margaret Tew says:

    Nice to see drone photography, the outer jib on a hankless furler and a fire blanket beside the sink in case of a stove flareup.

  • Avatar

    Clint Chase says:

    Been seeing this one on my IG but not yet on the water – I will be trying to get out on her next year – she is one of the most beautiful boats I have seen in Maine.

    • Avatar

      Tom Holliday says:

      We would love to have you! Check out our website for next years schedule if you haven’t yet!

  • Avatar

    Joseph Kilbride says:

    Beautiful video that so captures the subject and mood. As always, watching these is like a mini vacation.

  • Avatar

    Mark MacLeod says:

    Once more, OCH lay alongside with all skill.

  • Avatar

    Mike Anderson says:

    Sweet…interesting how the lazy sheet runs through the middle of the bulwark (with a fairlead of course). 6:36.

  • Avatar

    Dave Ruberti says:

    Hey Maynard – Nice to see you at the helm of such a lovely cutter!

  • Suzan Wallace

    Suzan Wallace says:

    Wonderful!! Thanks for sharing them…been loving their design & purpose for a very long time~

  • Avatar

    Bill Page says:

    Nice video on a lovely and most interesting vessel…

  • Avatar

    Mark Darley says:

    Luke’s Pilot Cutters are hardy magical vessels. If you get a chance to sail on one, leap at it!


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