Preview: A Visit Aboard Ocean Pearl, Part 1 – Above Deck

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Ocean Pearl was a great boat with aging systems and a definite need of refurbishment.  Her owner had the good fortune to engage a couple of young boatbuilders, John O’Donovan and Patrick Dole, to do the job and the results are quite amazing.

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7 Responses So Far to “A Visit Aboard Ocean Pearl, Part 1 – Above Deck

  • Avatar

    Maynard Bray says:

    Don’t miss the article about OCEAN PEARL in the new issue of WoodenBoat (No. 247).

  • Avatar

    Thomas Buzzi says:

    The best of the best starting with all teak and monel fastenings. All it takes is money. Nice to see that craftsmanship is still available at any price.

  • Avatar

    David Dickson says:

    Thanks for these 3 videos. loved the tours and system information. A wonderful ship.

  • Avatar

    Walter Connolly says:

    You guys are just great craftsmen, if I ever win the big lottery O’Donovan & Dole would be building my boat.
    Cheers, Walter

  • Avatar

    Scott Sampson says:

    Great video, nice design work on the re-fit. Choosing to have the analog gauges vs digital gauges is a nice touch while condensing the nave station. Love the in-polished bright work with the teak finished/unfinished. Amazing.


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