Preview: A Visit Aboard OCEAN PEARL, Part 2 – Below Deck

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Matching new wood with old wood and keeping new systems behind closed doors is what keeps a weathered yacht feeling like she did when she was new.

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10 Responses So Far to “A Visit Aboard OCEAN PEARL, Part 2 – Below Deck

  • Avatar

    Scott barnaby says:

    Beautiful beyond measure……oh that I had another chance at life….to be a shipwright!

  • Avatar

    Christopher Chadbourne says:

    An exceptional job of renovation and updating. I recently had my own older motor cruiser rewired, and we also took pains to hide the modern breaker panels. I can testify to the electrical and woodworking ingenuity needed to bring off the illusion that it was always “just like that”.

  • Avatar

    David Ray says:

    Very well done guys, not only the actual work and obvious craftsmanship but also the explanation in the videos. Thank you

  • Avatar

    Maynard Bray says:

    Don’t miss the article about OCEAN PEARL in the new issue of WoodenBoat (No. 247).

  • Avatar

    Sean Hogben says:

    Classy workmanship. Refined and elegant, as befitting its owner. A lot of varnish to keep up though.

  • Avatar

    Fred Green says:

    Excellent craftsmanship !

    Thank you for allowing us aboard.

  • Avatar

    Scott Matson says:

    I’m a very experienced carpenter, and to my eye, this is as good as it gets. Supreme craftsmanship, design, and forethought, with comforts beyond what most could afford or conceive. Excellence in every way. Thanks for sharing.

  • Avatar

    bob mcCorkle says:

    Wow! I really enjoy reading about the restoration of older boats, as well as watching the videos. Since I no longer own a blue water sailboat, this series of video articles is now my link to past sailing days. Thanks so very much for providing that link. You also opened a window to the world of sailing I could previously only imagine. Please keep the features coming.

    Bob McCorkle
    Ex-Valiant owner/sailor

  • Avatar

    Ray Vosper says:

    Nice workmanship, guys! Neat, clean and sensitive to the character of the boat.


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