Preview: Aboard a Legendary Boat, Herreshoff NY-30 ALERA

Aboard a Legendary Boat, Herreshoff NY-30 ALERA

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Because her restoration is so historically precise, when you step aboard the New York Thirty Class ALERA in our video, you’ll feel like you’re stepping all the way back to 1905, the year Herreshoff NY-30 ALERA was launched by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company. Maybe you’ll even want to dig  your great-grandfather’s white flannel trousers out of the trunk in the attic before you press PLAY.

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37 Responses So Far to “Aboard a Legendary Boat, Herreshoff NY-30 ALERA

  • Avatar

    Larry Cheek says:

    This remains my hands-down favorite in 10+ years of OCH videos. The boat, the music, the cinematography, the hairy 30-degree heel under full sail—it all comes together for the perfect vicarious sailing experience. I re-run it at least once a year, and whenever I want to introduce a friend to OCH, this is the one I show.

  • Avatar

    Ralph Wernett says:

    OCH worth every penny!!!
    Thank you again and again for the thrill on sailing these beauties!

  • Avatar

    Winston Shaw says:

    A most welcome reminder of the days when boats were boats and sailors were sailors. Lovely boat, excellent video!

  • Avatar

    Robert Kunzig says:

    First, Claas, congrats on a life that enabled you to bring Her Back! and, to share her with us via OCH.
    Sheer joy even on this end via a simple laptop screen.
    Claas, Maynard, Eric – thank you!

    • Avatar

      Robert Kunzig says:

      Sorry – likely Steve and Benjamin were in the mix also, to bring this to us!

  • Avatar

    Robert Miller says:

    Absolute beauty. The smoothness of the wake, bow-wave to quarter, is instructive. So little fuss. Speaks to the perfection in her lines. Great video.

  • Avatar

    Charley Bellinger says:

    The cinematography in this short is simply elegant. What a joy to watch.

  • Avatar

    Jim Hansen says:

    The boat is, of course, gorgeous, but something else struck me when I found myself with a sort of bubbly happy smile on my face. You guys know what views we really want to see. I felt like I was actually on the boat with you because you were looking at the same things I would have.
    The skipper vector pulling the final tension into that huge mains’l was pretty interesting, as was the concentration on his face as he assigned the crew to stations.
    Then, that beautiful flow pattern from stem to stern…
    Thanks so much for taking me along.

    • Avatar

      Doug Day says:

      I’m unfamiliar with the term “skipper vector” though I think I know what you mean, and remarked, myself, as i watched the bare foot on the mast and the skipper’s eye on the top. Do you mean how much “hike out” he used and how much Back he put into the move, the gesture?

  • Avatar

    Thomas Orr says:

    I sailed on Alera a lot when I was a young boy and friends of my parents at the Youngstown Yacht Club,on the Niagara River owned her – Bob Canavan, Joe Cannon, and Harry Dent. She was not gaff rigged at the time. I would love to see her up close the next time she comes to Newport, RI. I have a model of the NY 30 in my office.

  • Avatar

    Peyton Gaines says:

    Amazing –Keep coming with these wonderful videos.

  • Avatar

    John Power says:

    I’ve been fascinated with the NY30 since I was a boy when WoodenBoat did an article on them. There is nothing prettier onthe water anywhere…Recently, I got to see Cara MIa at the Wood Boat show at Mystic…Even more breathtaking…but the footage of her under sail is breath taking,
    The summer before I saw a sister, Buzzard’s Bay 30 while motoring on Long Island Sound in my J28.
    I put the hammer down on the diesel in hope of getting along side to take some photos, but she walked away like my boat was standing still. (I was at full throttle, and she was out running me in only 8 kts of breeze…The stories about how fast the old Herreshoff boats were, are true…INCREDIBLE. I cn only imagine the thrill of sailing a NY30…..when I hit the Powerball I will make a trip to ME to order a new one….Heaven.

  • Avatar

    Reid Ervin says:

    This boat was rebuilt at the Boothbay Harbor Shipyard just next to our family cottage. This exquisite film transports me back to an afternoon in early September, just as the breeze freshens and the temperature begins to drop. Thanks for the memory. Reid Ervin – Norfolk, VA.

  • Avatar

    Rick Gilkey says:

    Thanks, this is an exquisite film of an extraordinary boat — great way to beat the winter blahs. I also have to commend Captain Van der Linde for his generosity in sharing his experience and for wearing his pfd as best practice in action! Thanks to all

  • Avatar

    Michael Seibert says:

    That video was great fun. I would love to see a video where they sail a Buzzards Bay 15, which is my all time favorite Herreshoff sailboat.

  • Avatar

    Karl Seidenberg says:

    My favorite (Lorraine’s a close 2nd) video in your series!

  • Avatar

    Howard Sharp says:

    Wow, what a thrill! As Maynard said, it doesn’t get any better in heaven.

  • Avatar

    Ken Strangward says:

    Only get to see these types of vessels at the wooden boat shows down here in Oz let alone sail on one, all aspects of it are fasinating let alone the buzz of watching you guys sailing it.

  • Avatar

    Ellen Massey Leonard says:

    Gorgeous boat, gorgeous video! Makes me itch to get out on the Reach next summer!

  • Avatar

    Mike Dixon says:

    Beautiful boat, beautifully restored, beautifully sailed on a beautiful day on the Reach. Pretty sure it doesn’t get any better than that.

  • Avatar

    Terry Smith says:

    I was transfixed. A wonderful sail on Alera. The shots up the leeward rail, that magnificent wake coming off her quarter, and the totally neutral helm even with a bone in her teeth — wow!.

    Here’s my vote for more of these terrific videos. Compliments to all concerned.

  • Avatar

    Bob Bilodeau says:

    Causes me to miss the thrill of sailing now that I switched to a trawler.

  • Avatar

    Martha White says:

    SO fun to see this boat zip along in that good breeze and the efficiency of motion in these skilled sailors. Loved this one.

  • Avatar

    Warren A. Wheaton says:

    What a thrill that was… see that beautiful boat under way!! It was certainly well worth the wait. Great job you guys!
    Arnie Wheaton

  • Avatar

    terry brower says:

    It might be interesting to know what the approximate cost of a new production replica of such fine old classics. I’m guessing “If you have to ask…………”

  • Avatar

    Kip Otteson says:

    Thanks for the video! I sure appreciate all the time you guys spend on providing this service. It saves my landlocked soul.

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    The 1903 Bar Harbor 31 class of thirteen was another Herreshoff class at 49′ overall with 31′ waterline. I had the same feeling as Maynard (“… like I’ve died and gone to heaven”) on the helm of INDIAN from Boothbay Harbor out to Monhegan Island back in the seventies. The quarter wave met the corner of the transom just as the video showed and she was light on the tiller even then.


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