Preview: Aboard MASON BAY, a Retirement Boat for Old Salts

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Handsome, authentic, seaworthy, rugged, practical and fun to be aboard – for those intrigued by fish boat conversions, the MASON BAY deserves a careful second look. Maybe even a third. After all, Gary and Beryl were serious sailors who circumnavigated before deciding on a power boat for retirement.

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26 Responses So Far to “Aboard MASON BAY, a Retirement Boat for Old Salts

  • Avatar

    Keith Wiig says:

    Having grown up in the south of NZ, I have long admired this class of boat for the lovely lines and seaworthiness of them. Congratulations to Gary and Beryl for restoring a beautiful boat.

  • Avatar

    Jay Knight says:

    Watched this several times over the years that it was posted, just as nice now as the first viewing. Love the wear of the companionway ladder, just perfect!

  • Avatar

    Andrew Washburn says:

    After that video, I got a Cape Dory 36 for sail or rather trade for a nice old power boat. Very convincing argument for that retirement lifestyle.

  • Avatar

    Tim Leary says:

    What a lovely boat and retirement life style!
    PS. Beryl, I think I sailed with you briefly on SV.Mermaid of Carriacou with John Smith back in about 1985 (ish?) in the Caribbean. As I recall you were trying to buy a couple of winches for another boat?
    I’ve got a nice picture of you at the helm.

  • Avatar

    Martin Howson says:

    I was on Mason Bay with Gary one time and was intrigued how he managed to turn the ship around in a tight spot, having to take several bights at it, then he showed me the rear view camera because he can’t see the stern from the wheel, how crafty is that? A great video and wonderful folks.

  • Avatar

    David Dickson says:

    Aren’t companionway slats the worst? I think his idea will end up on our boat by the time I’ve finished.
    Great looking ship.

  • Avatar

    Richard Farland says:

    Mason Bay has a wonderful ambience and the skipper plays a pretty good game of chess.

  • Avatar

    Eric Winter says:

    Where does the mizzen go when it’s off-duty?

    • Avatar

      Gary Underwood says:

      Originally tried to use the steel pipe mizzen for the exhaust. But after 3 goes over 6 years gave up the mizzen and installed a proper funnel. Felt unsafe up on the cabin roof!
      The funnel has reduced the engine room temp 12 deg c or so.

  • Avatar

    Joseph Farese says:

    What a beautiful couple on a watercraft that fits them like a glove!

  • Avatar

    Russell Meyer says:

    Beautiful! Any videos of the boat under sail?

  • Avatar

    Rick Pratt says:

    It is hard to tell much about a boat hull without the sections being shown.

    Nice video of interesting folks in a fine spot.

    Maynard has a gift for getting to the center of the subject. That is one of the advantages of living a long time.


    Rick Pratt

    (Another Old Salt)

  • Avatar

    Robert Bibber says:

    Very nice! I’ve been toying with the idea of buying an old wooden lobster boat like the one my dad and I rebuilt when I was young and converting it into a cabin cruiser.

  • Avatar

    Andre Bilodeau says:

    The best VDO of old salt like me could watch Thanks and I welcome more of the same . Andre

  • Avatar

    Wesley Brooks says:

    Haha wow I met Gary and Beryl (and Mason Bay) around this past new year. They boat is beautiful, and the electric tender is actually a bit unsettling when it sneaks up on you silently.

  • Avatar

    Philip Myer says:

    What can you say- two grand men of the sea talking about a grand wooden boat- wonderful Steve.

    • Avatar

      Brian Hunter says:

      A fantastic resto of a traditional working vessel she looks just right and a very comfortable retirement home . Congratulations well done.

      • Avatar

        Burke Horner says:

        This is what happened eventually to the ” Barefoot Boy k with cheek of tan”. What a jovial yachtman Gary is, and what a perfect combination with Beryl and Maynard!


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