Preview: Among Old Friends, Part 2 – Past, Present, and Almost

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Another tour of Center Harbor spotlighting three of our favorite boats.

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10 Responses So Far to “Among Old Friends, Part 2 – Past, Present, and Almost

  • Avatar

    Chris Robbins says:

    Love this video! Center Harbor must be a magical place. Going around o
    looking at boats and there’s a Herreshoff Rosenetti in the background and she doesn’t even get a mention!😉

  • Avatar

    dave nederhood says:

    Thanks for the video. These boats you’ve profiled are truly works of art, beautiful to look at, even without being under sail. Makes me want a wooden boat, but then I look at how long it took me to varnish the teak around my cockpit with the toe rail still to do and decide, I’m okay with my 1978 Bristol 35.5, fiberglass and all…appreciate the history on each boat..

  • Avatar

    David Rawls says:

    So enjoyed these two clips! Best of all was the fact that I did not hear a cell phone ring the whole time! Keep up your wonderful work!

  • Avatar

    John Wujack says:

    I love the shared wisdom regarding the benefit(s) of painted boats.

  • Avatar

    Wes Faulkenberry Jr. says:

    Hey, Steve; During the “Clover” segment Bill mentions his partnership with “Robin”. Shortly after that there’s footage of “Clover’ under sail with 3 people aboard, one of whom I believe is Robin Lincoln, am I right?

  • Avatar

    DAVID HEWEY says:

    It is wonderful to see our former boat the Nasket back in Center Harbor, we purchased her shortly after Bill Maher decided not to. My dad and I co-owned her and shared all the work and all the fun. We spent 9 months performing needed restoration and still managed to get her in the water by mid July. I remember sailing along next to Vital Spark in the Reach on our way to Center Harbor for the night. We owned her for 16 years and cruised from Bar Harbor to Block Island. She is a wonderful boat that left us with many great memories. My dad passed away this past July at 91 years young. He would have enjoyed seeing the video. He was aware that she is back in Brooklin, her original home. Thank you, David Hewey

  • Avatar

    Jack White says:

    Love these videos!. Quick question concerning the mooring balls that have the boat names on them. Are these permitted thru the state and if so how much? We’re battling getting mooring balls down here in Key West as anchoring conditions are horrid especially in a blow. Thanks for the great video!

  • Avatar

    Martin Herbert says:

    So many beautiful boats in this harbour, next summer more of this series please. Starting at 9.05 and going to 9.18 there is a small dark hulled sloop with the jib roller furled, at a mooring in the distance. It looks like an Uffa Fox Flying Fifteen to me, an early planing keelboat from 1947.
    We have a small fleet of them here on Saltspring Island, a perfect boat for aging dinghy sailors.
    I envy your ratio of beauty to butt ugliness out on the moorings.

  • Avatar

    William Heinz says:

    Thanks for showing NASKET. I am her previous owner, and Bill, I agree with you – you should have bought her. She is a wonderful, wonderful boat.


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