Preview: Among Old Friends, Part 3 – Time to Invest in Pure Gold

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Is there a better investment to be made than in old friends?

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16 Responses So Far to “Among Old Friends, Part 3 – Time to Invest in Pure Gold

  • Avatar

    Sam Benson says:

    We used to play volleyball at Damian McLaughlin’s shop under the lights after work when I was a harbor rat in Woods Hole (before Luna was built). Great guy, and builder too. Luna is a beauty!

  • Avatar

    Jim Kramer says:

    I agree with Paul,,,,why did the video have to end?

  • Avatar

    Doug Day says:

    On the point of the Curved Eye Brow on the lobster boat. On my house on Swan’s Island the attic window echoes the eyebrow dormers. James Joyce took the time to include the eyebrow in the attic window, too! I wrote a song called The Curve Above The Door celebrating this, when Gamble Rogers who loved wooden boats and Woodenboat, needed eulogizing.

  • Avatar

    ron godwin says:

    The conversation….Priceless

    The Boats…Sweet ,Gorgeous, Enticing, and all in that bay together. What Good Company!

    Ron Godwin Brisbane

  • Avatar

    Rod McKenzie says:

    What a thoroughly enjoyable random conversation between two salty Pro’s
    Thank you

  • Colin Emsley

    Colin Emsley says:

    I’m fortunate enough to have my own slice of Maine here in Washington. I have a Jarvis Newman 36 finished by Concordia and I don’t think there is a more handsome boat in the harbor (I might be a little bias). The shear with the slight rise is just so appealing, I’m old enough to have hand rails to go forward but I have a second cockpit in my foredeck once I get there.

  • Avatar

    Rod McKenzie says:

    What a thoroughly enjoyable 13-1/2 minutes of totally random banter between two salty pro’s

    Thank you

  • Avatar

    Ginny Jones says:

    A lovely day out on the water, lovely [wooden] boats and two good friends ‘going for a ride”. What a joyful and interesting video. If Bill and Maynard can”t drum up interest in a boat she has to be a total waste of space and materials. Someone took various materials (even the Cheetah Contact paper) and came up with boats, which are by far, more than the sum of their parts. Luders designed the US Navy yawls which were the cadet trainers for so many years both at the Naval Academy and with a fleet out in San Diego as well. Maynard, I hope that you can find out the formula for the Luders sheer because they are beauties and it is the sheer which can either make, or break, a design. The lovely sheer line is what sorts the beauties (think Fife) from the likes of the Controversy yawl (one of the ugliest boats ever, both on deck and below) which is so aptly named.

    • Avatar

      Ginny Jones says:

      For those who don’t know, the Controversy yawl has a pronounced reverse sheer and a very basic interior contrived from plastic/SS cheap and nasty industrial materials sutable for a low end golf cart………………

      • Avatar

        Bob Lister says:

        By looking at most of the lobster fleet in New England the consensus is dry stack

  • Avatar

    Bruce Parker says:

    More please! I could watch episodes like this all day.
    Thanks men!

  • Avatar

    Joshua Parker says:

    I’ll pay for gas and food if you just have them keep doing this. Just awesome and fun videos full of history, humor, and awesome boats.

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    The paint jobs (colors and smooth application) on each boat add so much to their appeal. It’s such a special harbor to visit online and in person.Thanks!

  • Avatar

    Paul Cammaroto says:

    I didn’t want this video to end, just like the first two installments. Keep up the Great Work and Fun Times. You two could be the next Hope and Crosby. Thank You Bill and Maynard and all the others involved in producing these treasured journeys.

  • Avatar

    Nicholas Whitman says:

    Wonderfull1 Can’t get enough Maynard.


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