Preview: Among Old Friends Part 5 – MALACHI MUDGE, LOON, MISTY, and LENA

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Maynard and Doug continue their informative tour of the boats in the Benjamin River.

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13 Responses So Far to “Among Old Friends Part 5 – MALACHI MUDGE, LOON, MISTY, and LENA

  • Avatar

    Aren Carpenter says:

    Boy, keep this miniseries up as long as you can fellas. I learned more over one cup of coffee about different design details based on actual hands on recollection than Culler and Gardner combined! Tho I’d sure love to have those two toolin around among old friends too. So thankful for you guys

  • David and Margaret Tew

    David and Margaret Tew says:

    Your note about Concordias, etc., for sale on Dream Boat Harbor sent me to the classified section. I was amazed at how many boats have sold through OCH!

  • David and Margaret Tew

    David and Margaret Tew says:

    These humorous, rambling afternoon wanders around the mooring field are rare treasures. I’ve looked forward to every one. Newbert and Wallace’s JACOB PIKE has been here on a mooring for several years, summer and winter, but I don’t know where she’s gone to now. Wherever she went I hope the daily sight of her is enjoyed as much as we found it a pleasure. (Bluejacket Shipcrafters, the ship model shop, offers a half model kit if anyone is interested.) At two minutes into the video a good view of the handrails to the bridge and the sliding cabin doors to the side decks appear on MALICHI MUDGE. They are so workmanlike and appropriate to the type. No varnish and polished brass to distract. Maynard, I don’t know if you fashioned the curve of the ventilation slots in LOON’s companionway slides when you restored her but they are an attractive, eye-catching element. Doug, I’ve wondered how your proposal for TUVA II would look in the flesh given your tentativeness about designing a high-sided boat. I imagine you’d do better than most (perhaps anyone!) with the challenge. Thanks again for all the “Among Old Friends” videos!

  • Avatar

    Robert Boyden says:

    Not only are they entertaining – they know what the hell they’re talking about. This series is delightful. Keep it up,

  • Avatar

    Burke Horner says:

    You fellows are a dynamic duo. Thanks for sharing such complex designs in a simplistic mode.

  • Avatar

    Stephen L. Clark says:

    Maynard’s voice is such a comforting thing.

  • Avatar

    Mark Twichell says:

    Another lovely Sunday morning with these guys. Now out to the barn and get that bottom ready for water.

  • Avatar

    Doug Day says:

    You two talking is entertaining enough. I don’t really care what you are talking about so much as the display of your appreciation and depth of understanding. When you branch out into… whatevah, be sure to include the video!

  • Avatar

    Wojciech Topolnicki says:

    So lovely. Thank you, it is a great pleasure to watch this!


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