Preview: Applying a Boat Name That Sticks – How to Use Vinyl Lettering

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All boats should have a name, and vinyl boat name lettering is one of the most common and affordable methods for sharing your boat’s identity with the world. Heed Reed’s advice and you can apply vinyl lettering on your boat error-free.

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11 Responses So Far to “Applying a Boat Name That Sticks – How to Use Vinyl Lettering

  • Avatar

    Dan Kretzer says:

    I’ve used the water release method that Dale describes which can be helpful in some situations. After seeing this video though, I’ll try the hinged technique the next time.

  • Avatar

    William Gehring says:

    Great video. Is it possible/desirable to put a clear coat over the lettering to add durability? How long does the lettering last before it needs replacement?

    • Avatar

      Capt. Peter Reich says:

      Not sure about clear coat but you can definitely varnish over. I have used Epifanes gloss over vinyl letters on side boards and transoms for years and holding up great. I put minimum 4 coats before ever leaving shop.

    • Avatar

      Reed Hayden says:

      It is not necessary to clear coat vinyl letters. Chances are that the boat will need repainting long before the letters will wear out. I have seen vinyl letters last 10 years on a working lobster boat.

  • Avatar

    Dale Niemann says:

    The times I have used vinyl lettering the same method would work but the glue was water activated so you misted it. This made it a little easier because you could move it slightly if necessary.

    • Avatar

      Molly Blake says:

      The Charlena Font was called Athelas and the Brooklin, Maine part was Myriad Pro LIGHT

  • Avatar

    Walter Connolly says:

    I would like to see a hand carved sign with 23kt gold leaf lettering.

    • Avatar

      Eric Blake says:

      On the side of my lobsterboat?
      Walter, come on!


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