Preview: Best Boat Building Tools, Part 2 – Stationary Tools

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Inside the Brooklin Boat Yard, master builder Eric Blake goes through what he considers the “standard” boat building tools, both portable and stationary. Through hard use, some manufacturers’ tools have proven better than others, and Eric talks honestly about his favorite brands in each tool type. A real money saving video if you are looking to buy just one power tool of each type and want to get it right the first time.

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2 Responses So Far to “Best Boat Building Tools, Part 2 – Stationary Tools

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    Justin Brown says:

    Thirty-odd years ago Fine Woodworking did an article on “what should be the first stationary power too you buy?” The band saw was the answer and I agree. I’ve worked in numerous shops over the years building everything from stage scenery/props, to upscale millwork to furniture, and finally getting stung with the passion for boatbuilding. I’ve built Nymph, John Dory, and am currently on Nez Perce. In my time in the millwork arena, I came across a tool which I now view as indispensable: the edge-sander. I have a small garage-shop with everything castered except the SCMI slider. I’m amazed at how many shops get along without the edge-sander, in particular those dealing with curve-work, as you can shape down to the line on both inside and outside curves with great accuracy. I’ve had the small Grizzly now for decades, and talked at least two employers into buying one. That tool along with a bandsaw will get you pretty far down the road. I really like your videos and am learning much by viewing. Coming to OCH is like a daily mini-vacation.

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    Peter MacLearn says:

    I have enjoyed this series very much. There has been a lot of good insight and very useful information that I have found personally to be very helpful.

    One area that could use some improvement perhaps, when suggesting tools/equipment is more detail on the tool specifications. What type of specifications are important to consider when purchasing a hand/floor tool for (for instance) building boats from 8′ to 20′, etc.?

    Again, for instance (perhaps) you might say….” I would recommend a 10 Amp tool for this type of tool, for working on this size boat…” or perhaps…”a 5 Amp tool for another tool type would be sufficient for a building boats up to xx feet long”.

    There are small professional grade boat shops, and then there are small amateur grade boat shops. Both might have different budgets and needs and thus by also providing a more general, spec level requirements list for various tool types may be more beneficial than a being given a single, specific tool manufacturer (though also valuable to know).

    Just a thought.

    You’re providing a great service and doing it well. Thanks.


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