Preview: Bit Brace Essentials, Part 1 – Knowing What To Look For

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Join Harry Bryan as he walks us through bit braces and knowing what to look for.


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6 Responses So Far to “Bit Brace Essentials, Part 1 – Knowing What To Look For

  • Avatar

    John Wolf says:

    I just read somewhere that Fray made the later Spoffard chucks by casting them with malleable iron using a core to form the cavity for the bit and the slit, then forge welding them to round stock to make the rest of the brace. These would be the ones on which the slit narrows down to nothing. Apparently the earlier method of making them was to saw the slit, leaving a square end. The casting would be much quicker to make.

  • Avatar

    Alan Bright says:

    Harry Bryan has such a wonderful way of getting over his way of doing things, I almost want to pack away all my power tools and go back to hand tools!

  • Avatar

    Peyton Gaines says:

    If is very entertaining to have someone with Mr. Bryans knowledge give a demonstration on a very simple subject but with such depth. I hope this knowledge base can be passed down to someone that has as much passion for their work.

  • Avatar

    Allen Sawyer says:

    Excellent! And much appreciated.

    I have just recently begun to use some bit braces left to me by my father. When driving screws, I find that the bit braces allow you to feel when the screws are bottoming out unlike with an electric or cordless drill. Further, I now know how to sharpen the auger bits that I have.

    Thank you, so much.

  • Avatar

    Frank Wescovich says:

    I recently bought one of the braces with the wingnut chuck for $5 at an estate sale. It is in perfect shape. I don’t recall ever seeing one like it and thought it was a good find for my tool collection.

  • Avatar

    Lorentz Ottzen says:

    I very nice tutorial on Braces and bits. Mr. Brain has a way of presenting his subject matter simply but thoroughly, and with a gentle conversational tone, which I enjoy.
    Lorentz Ottzen


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