Preview: A Boat for Sail & Oar Camp Cruising — Francois Vivier’s Ilur, WAXWING

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Waxwings are the loveliest of birds, and this little Vivier Ilur named after them is lovely as well; versatile, build-able and a delight to sail.

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26 Responses So Far to “A Boat for Sail & Oar Camp Cruising — Francois Vivier’s Ilur, WAXWING

  • Avatar

    Neil Henderson says:

    I was going to build a Jewell as my 5th build – you’ve got me thinking now. I am building a CY at the moment as I have become entranced by a yawl rig so that I can safely stay head to wind whilst I stumble around the boat dropping yards on my head & arms. Not so sure bout the sprit booms but then I need to keep learning or I will ossify completely…………….

  • Avatar

    Rick Zablocki says:

    Really enjoyed the video and insights on her structure and fittings. Fueled some new ideas on future mods for my Acorn Skiff. Thanks

  • Avatar

    Robert Ford says:

    I didn’t see a CNC kit for the Ilur on the Hewes & Company price list.

    • Avatar

      Frank Kieliszek says:

      Chase Small Craft lists an Ilur kit at his site . Hewes and Co. does mention Vivier kits. I would contact both of them to see what is available.

      • Steve Stone

        Steve Stone says:

        That’s a good approach. Chase Small Craft offers the ILUR and Hewes offers the other Vivier kits I believe. There is a lot of info on each of their sites. Clint Chase and Gardner Pickering (at Hewes) are both great guys and very helpful.

    • Avatar

      Clint Chase says:

      Robert – I know this is a late reply – but I can help with complete kits for Ilur, one of our specialties! Thanks!

  • David Meissner

    David Meissner says:

    Lovely video and boat. I was introduced to Swallows and Amazons while living in the UK several years ago. My wife and I even boarded the Nancy Blacket in Ipswich Quay at the Ipswich Maritime festival in 2011. I went to the Vivier website and it appears the Kernic design is similar to WAXWING, is that the case?

  • Avatar

    Kenneth Thompson says:

    A beautiful boat along with an awesome video. Having been a member of OCH for less than a year now, your videos keep on delivering delightful surprises for me. I’ve been following Roger Barnes and his Ilur for about a year now, so this video of John’s boat fit right in. My wife and I only recently discovered “Swallows and Amazons” as well. Great stuff! I’m currently repairing and refurbishing a late 1950’s Penquin class dinghy we’ve had since the late 60’s. Hmmm…anyone ever seen one with a lug rig and reef points in it’s sail?

  • Avatar

    David Robbie says:

    Beautiful looking boat. Was there any video of Geoff Kerr’s build of this? I read in the comments he was commissioned to build one in 2016-17. Would love to see more on this.
    I wonder how all the water is removed from those under deck compartments?

  • Avatar

    Steve Grube says:


    Magnificent work! Congratulations. I´ve recently retired, and it´s time for me to get going on building my own boat. I feel certain it will be an Ilur, and I am already in contact with Françoise Vivier.

    I think the yawl rig is the way to go. Sure looks salty. But tell me, honestly, are you still happy with it? Any regrets? Do you wonder if a more conventional sloop rig may have been better?

    All the best!


  • Avatar

    Tom Pamperin says:

    Finally got around to watching this video–great work, John, and a lovely boat. Perfect for Swallows & Amazons cruising. Happy sailing!


  • Avatar

    Edwin Slaughter says:

    Is Waxwing on the West Coast? I have been looking at building the Ilur for sometime and would love to look at a completed hull.

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      East Coast. Check with Marty Loken at TSCA to see if he knows of one in WA.

  • Avatar

    Glenn Meadows says:

    When I start a new boat project, I always spend as much time as I can thinking about what to build, what the boat will be used for, how often it will be used given all of the other boats in my life, how long will the build take to complete, what if any work will I let out (lead keel, bronze hardware, sails, etc.) and on and on. I love my current project, a Dark Harbor 12, but seeing this video makes me wonder if I jumped too soon. After building many boats, I understand the importance of taking the time to plan. But alas, fools rush in… Too many boats, so little time.

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      There have been many discussions of building an ILUR in the OCH office, and an OCH member recently commissioned Geoff Kerr to build one this winter. Amidst all these discussions, I’ve never heard anyone point out a fault of any kind in this design.

  • Avatar

    Brian Totemoff says:

    How much do I love this website?! I hope they keep up the fantastic work.

  • Avatar

    Michael Appleby says:

    Thanks for mentioning Swallows and Amazons. I’m hooked. Plan to read all in the series.

  • Avatar

    Neil Moomey says:

    Impressive. You gave me a lot of neat ideas for my current build. Thanks.

  • Avatar

    Tolga Sezer says:

    Please make same kind of video for Ebihen 15 which i am still building.

  • Avatar

    Robert Chesley says:

    Lovely design and many thoughtful touches.

  • Avatar

    ken vollick says:

    Must say I’ve been bitten by the boat build bug and after building an Eastport Pram to see if I could do it this summer and seeing the video on the Waxwing.. well who knows. Loved this video and the information it provides as well as the decision to subscribe to OCH. Great forum!!

  • Avatar

    Mason Dyer says:

    Talk about a boat that have everything at reach.

  • Avatar

    Gordon Burvill says:

    I agree, I too followed his build and was really impressed by his patient, meticulous approach and the results he achieved. His and a few similar blogs gave me the confidence to attempt my own build. Thanks for the great example John, and thanks to OCH for yet another good video

  • Avatar

    Geoffroi Montpetit says:

    What a treat! John’s thread on the Wooden Boat Forum was and still is a great source of inspiration. Many details filed away for future use for sure! And now an up close and personal tour of Waxwing, fantastic. Vivier’s designs never cease to amaze me with their mix of traditional elegance and modern ingenuity.

  • Avatar

    Larry Cheek says:

    A lovely, versatile, and capable boat. And I am happy to see a few paint runs and epoxy ridges under the gunwales. I followed John’s build on the Wooden Boat Forum and kept being dazzled by his workmanship (and concurrently depressed by my own). It’s good to see he’s just human, like most of us.


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