Preview: Boat Storage, The Brownell Boat Stand System

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If you’ve ever used a boat stand to store your boat, you know how handy they can be. But every time we put a boat stand under our boats we ask the same question: “What’s the correct way to put a boat stand under a boat?” So we went straight to the man, Tom Brownell, to show us the proper way to set our boat stands. By the way, Tom’s father invented the boat stand in the 1960’s.

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8 Responses So Far to “Boat Storage, The Brownell Boat Stand System

  • Avatar

    Sydney Roberts Rockefeller says:

    I would love info on how to handle all the “stuff” I take off my old wooden sailboat each fall. How to care for halyards, sheets, life jackets, etc. Thank you!

    • Avatar

      Ian Douglas says:

      Hi, Sydney,
      What I have done is immerse the halyards and other lines in a solution of fabric softener for a day and then rinse thoroughly. The lines come out nicely soft and clean.
      A mild bleach solution sprayed on things like life jackets, sail bags etc., which are then left in the sun for a few hours, should help to kill off mold. Brushing off any dried residue helps make things look good. Always try a test patch first, in case the fabric reacts to the bleach.
      I have had good results doing the above. Good luck!

  • Avatar

    Laszlo Morocz says:

    Even though I probably will never have a boat large enough to need them, this was an interesting video. The part that I find a bit scary, though, is that I have never seen a set of stands with chains attached. Every boat I’ve ever seen on stands was chainless. I used to wonder how the system could be stable, but now seeing the entire system it makes sense. Some insurance inspectors need to visit their underwritten boats.

  • Avatar

    steve johnson says:

    ‘Chief floor sweeper’ indeed. OCH’s sense of humor,whole-hearted serious studies of techniques,family tales,adventures,heartache,mischievous ramblings, and treasured accounts of all sorts has smitten me throughly. I sit in Tug,a large drop driving rain falling mid morning,with OCH pouring out the best stories leaving me wanting nothing more .

  • Avatar

    Derrick Burry says:

    Great video on how to properly set up the stands.

    Why is there a slot for the chain just under the pads? Does a safety chain ever go there?


  • Avatar

    Doug Wintermute says:

    These Brownell stands are great. I’ve used them for years and after a while they start to rust – I don’t think they lose any strength, but it would be nice if they weren’t so rust prone. I recently came across an outfit in North Carolina the makes galvanized stands in the same pattern as the Brownell ones- so they store easily. These galvanized ones are also less expensive. The company name is Scaffold Mart.

  • Avatar

    Peter MacLearn says:

    Excellent Job. Some ideas (that you’ve probably already thought of):
    Putting together a proper boat house.
    The basic requirements for a a small boatbuilding shop – say boats up to 24 ft – layout requirements, bench sizes, floor space layouts/requirements, lighting, ventilation, storage,
    electrical requirements, etc.
    An inexpensive, covered, backyard enclosure for working on a boat during the fall/winter/spring. Costs, materials, best location, putting it together.
    How to properly cover a boat, from exposure from the elements, while the boat is still in the water, for working on it.
    Electrical wiring and systems.
    Mechanical Systems installation and maintenance.
    Lifting techniques and storage of hard dinghies on mother vessels. Launching same.

    • Avatar

      Carl Suppo says:

      I have a 25′ O Day sail boat on it’s trailer. In the video it showed a boat hauler with a hydraulic lifts setting the boat on Brownell boat stands. Is there any way this could done in my situation as I’m not close to a marina.In the spring I would to remove the bottom paint and recoat.


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