Preview: Boat Trailers – The Double Decker

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Whether in steel, wood or extruded aluminum – this boat trailer is a great way to transport two boats at the same time.


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7 Responses So Far to “Boat Trailers – The Double Decker

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    Kent Lewis says:

    I added two sets of trailer guide posts to a jet ski trailer, and my trailer guy made two aluminum crossbeams. I have hauled a Sunfish on the bottom, Super Sailfish on top and Super Sailfish MKII suspended from the crossbeams. 400 pounds total. Also works great as a lumber or metal roof hauler, 16 footers, no problem. With some adjustment I think I can put my Penobscot 14 on the bottom and wooden Sunfish on the top…or canoe or kayak or a deck for bikes, coolers…
    See pictures on our blog:

  • Avatar

    Stephen Warfle says:

    I found a Jet ski trailer for 300 bucks. I modified it a bit with a rack and now it holds a Sunfish on the bottom, and my B & B Spindrift 11N on top, and sometimes two canoes and two kayaks. Jet ski /PWC trailers are a good cheap platform to start with.

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      At OCH, we call that “boat on boat action”.

  • Avatar

    Ben Fuller says:

    I’ve been doing these for maybe 30 years, mine are wood. 4×4 cross members and posts. Framing hardware. Furring strip diagonals. A half lap cut into the 4×4 to take a 2×4 on edge which is removable ( bolts with aircraft nuts) I run mine out to five feet so I can get wider boats on. Aluminum bits weren’t around when I started. Advantage of wood is that you can notch it to hold stuff like a boat dolly that rides on the top with bunks for the ducker. You can also put on gutterless rack fittings from places like Yakima if you want to convert to a double decking kayak trailer using roofrack stuff.

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Hey, thanks Ben. Your trailer was the one that put this on my radar. When I get back from boat-festing on the west coast, I’ll pop up a couple photos of yours, and of my own that I loosely patterned after yours… my 12 year old son and I knocked it out one afternoon… great project for us both to do together, including the refit at the hardware store 20 miles down the road when we found it “slanted”.

  • Avatar

    William Sorensen says:

    Neat! We don’t need a double decker for our 1927 Old Town Canoe, however, you shared some innovative ideas I’m going to shamelessly “steal”.


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