Preview: Boat Wiring, Part 2 – Marine Battery Cables

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Marine electrical systems can be scary, mysterious stuff. In this video series, we asked Professor Don Eley to show us what we need to know to untangle our own boat wiring. We’re continuing this series here in Part 2 with a look at marine battery cables, since they get the power from the source to where it needs to go.

Learn about choosing the right marine battery cables, connecting terminal ends, crimping & sealing. Getting this part right could be the difference between a system that lasts a lifetime or a big headache a few years down the road.

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18 Responses So Far to “Boat Wiring, Part 2 – Marine Battery Cables

  • Avatar

    Robert Sorensen says:

    As others has stated, it would be great to have a video or some commentary about galvanic corrosion and the ground circuit on boats. That topic is relevant to those of us with aluminum fishing boats with an ever increasing number of electrical doodads on them..

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      Thanks Robert. That’s definitely on our list.

  • Avatar

    Gary Calahan says:


    New to the group and want to second the skippers interested in everything grounding and galvanic isolators!

  • Avatar

    edward demarco says:

    Wold really like to see a video on Grounding / galvanic corrosion and lightning protection for sailboat or any boat..

  • Avatar

    Paul carey says:

    Shore power connections , battery chargers , trouble shooting electrical systems

    It would be great to include the above topics

  • Avatar

    John Campbell says:

    Mr. Eley, Thanks for these informative videos.

    One topic I’d like to see covered is grounding systems for boats, particularly in relation to shore power connections.

  • Avatar

    Don Shortreed says:

    do you know that there is heat shrink that , has epoxy seal , so when you heat it the epoxy seals real good.

  • Avatar

    Bart Chapin says:

    Great series as always. Two things I would add to the wire crimp dialog. First, I put Oxguard on the wire before crimping it. Oxguard is used in home wiring whenever aluminum wire is fitted into a lug connection. It is a conductive paste. Second, I always use shrink tubing with a heat activated glue liner. That seals the wire to lug connection better than just plain heat shrink tubing.

  • Avatar

    Don Eley says:

    Thanks for all the great comments, we will keep working a getting the videos out. Any particular topics you would like to see covered?

  • Avatar

    Joe Berini says:

    Excellent series. Good camera work and audio that can be understood. Well done production.

  • Avatar

    James Maher says:

    Fantastic start. Give us more. For the first time I’ve got an understanding of a crimped connection.

    • Avatar

      Steve Stone says:

      It’s about 4th in our editing cue… January-ish. We can’t wait either.

  • Avatar

    John OConnor says:

    Excellent presentation in that it covers just enough but does not inundate you with tech science

  • Avatar

    George LaLonde says:

    This looks like the start of a great series – keep them coming quickly! Don makes it very easy to follow.


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