Preview: Boatshop Talk – Getting Ready for the SEVENTY48 Race

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Nate is our guy and he already had great rowing chops and now it’s a whole string of firsts: this is the first boat that Nate has built, which is the first of a new design from Clint Chase, to be rowed in the first SEVENTY48 race from Tacoma to Port Townsend Washington; nothing same-old -same-old here.

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4 Responses So Far to “Boatshop Talk – Getting Ready for the SEVENTY48 Race

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    Dana Grund says:

    I love the kind of event that a motivated person can compete on their own. The tech festivals and elite corporate teams that compose most modern races are impressive and fun to see, but what fires the imagination for me is to see a person, within the “normal” human spectrum, with normal financial means, decide s/he is going to take a crack at it, and actually be eligible and stand a chance. This is a peoples event, where character is as important as anything else.
    Good luck Nate!

  • Avatar

    William McCullom says:

    Thumbs up to gutsy competitor and great boat design – good luck

  • Avatar

    Clint Chase says:

    Nate will do great, he already has. I told him this and will keep repeating it. He is an impressive guy with a lot of grit. And, man, he has done my design great justice already! The boat will take care of him out there and, after the race is done, it will keep on giving!


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