Preview: Brilliant Designs, Small Powerboats: Handy Billy, Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff & More

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We all know about high-speed production power boats these days. They are everywhere – a cookie-cutter navy of slam-bang interchangeability. They are so everywhere, we hardly look up as yet another one goes storming past. But what’s the alternative, you might ask? Well, in this slide show, we’ll show you six alternatives. Small powerboats so sweet you’ll feel like you’ve already arrived at your destination the moment you step aboard.

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14 Responses So Far to “Brilliant Designs, Small Powerboats: Handy Billy, Jericho Bay Lobster Skiff & More

  • Avatar

    Derrick Burry says:

    Wonderful video! I’m curious, would anyone know the approximate total tow weight of the Handy Billy 18? That would include the weight of a 15 or 20 HP outboard, trailer and boat. Thanks

  • Avatar

    Barry Sherwood says:

    was interested in the woodenboat articles but none of the links worked – do they require something special?

  • Avatar

    Scott Gile says:

    As the happy owner of “Bella,” a Pulsifer Hampton, please allow me to update your ordering info for these lovely boat, Dick Pulsifer’s longtime assistant, John Lentz, has taken over production and maintenance of the flock and any new boats. John can be reached in Topsham, Maine at 207-504-1617, or @ John’s a great guy!

  • Avatar

    Jeff Demme says:

    Constanza is beautiful. I would love to see what is under that pretty green cabin. Are any pics available? Owner/builder have a website?

  • Avatar

    David J Braga says:

    Have known the Pulsifer Hampton and its builder for decades. She’s everything you say. What a wonderful evocation your video is! Thanks!

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    Who narrated this video? He did a great job. I didn’t know Harry Bryan’s name is pronounced ‘Bree-on’!

  • Avatar

    Jay MacDowell says:

    It is indeed “better to journey joyously than to arrive!”

  • Avatar

    Mike Jack says:

    Beautifully presented. And being fortunate to own a 1960s albury 20 foot runabout I can vouch for every word. Although I could not have expressed it so well myself. Many thanks M.

  • Avatar

    Tom Speyer says:

    Those looking at boats in this category shouldn’t forget George Calkins’ classic Bartender design. There’s a cover article in Wooden Boat on these, I forget the issue. These range from 19 to 26 ft. See Bill Childs’ excellent website at:
    Probably the easiest to build of all is Phil Bolger’s Diablo – one of his “instant boats”.

  • Avatar

    Louis C Gatling Jr says:

    Really enjoyed this video. I look forward to building a small outboard for the lakes here in PA. This video helps a lot. Thanks

  • Avatar

    Peter Neill says:

    And narrative prose as graceful as the boats themselves….


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