Preview: Brooklin Boat Yard Walkabout – January 2019

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Always a treat to wander down to a boat yard and see what’s going on – and Brooklin Boat Yard does not disappoint.

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35 Responses So Far to “Brooklin Boat Yard Walkabout – January 2019

  • Avatar

    Christopher Lambert says:

    Hi Eric, how do you go about sealing the edges of the honeycomb panels for the joinery to make it appear as solid wood? Do you remove material for a certain depth and then insert a solid piece around the perimeter?

  • Avatar

    Richard Keith says:

    Nothing better than the sights, sounds, and smells of a boatyard.
    My wife always complains when we are driving the coast that we never make progress because I want to stop at everyone I see even if just to look in the door..
    Wonderful tour.

  • Avatar

    Gary herbertson says:

    It makes me unreasonably happy to see boatbuilding as a thriving activity. Lots of boatyards are so long gone that they are not even memories any longer. Brooklin Boat Yard has found a way to make a go of it with the times. Congrats!

  • Avatar

    Victoria Goldstein says:

    Can’t tell you how it warmed our hearts to see WH Knockabout Sphinx being restored by your capable hands.

  • Avatar

    Charles Jackson says:

    shouda, wouda, couda, ‘ived & worked in Maine ! ! !

  • Avatar

    Scot Copeland says:

    Really enjoyed that visual visit from out here in San Diego. Also looking forward to more Aussie footage!

  • Avatar

    Eric Blake says:

    I wanna thank everyone for their kind words on this piece. I am sitting in the Bangor airport waiting for my flight to Hobart Tasmania to spend two weeks wondering around the Australian WoodenBoat festival with Steve and Maynard. We’re throwing a beer party at the festival would be great if y’all could join us. Really looking forward to getting out on the water.

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    At one time I worked for a corporate aircraft company building interior units out of several different types of honeycomb (aluminum, nomex, etc.) veneered panels, often with very exotic woods. They were fastened to the air frame with epoxy-potted inserts and bolts. I’d be interested to know the various ways your units are fastened to your hulls.

  • Avatar

    eric pomber says:

    Thanks for a great tour. I really like the respect for the traditional and the aggressive use of modern technology at the Brooklin Boat Yard. Classic yachts for sure.

  • Avatar

    Gary James says:

    this was fabulous… thank you so much for the tour!

  • Avatar

    Rob Cummins says:

    My wife and I had the privilege of being shown through the yard by Brian and Eric last June when we were visiting the Maine coast. It was so inspiring to see the team’s extraordinary old-style craftmanship combined with the latest technologies to create or restore classic boats of incredible quality and beauty. One can only hope that these values and skills are not made redundant by the modern world’s seeming obsession with cheap, cookie-cutter plastic ‘stuff’.
    Thank you again Brian and Eric (and team). You are truly inspirational!
    Sydney, Australia

  • Roger Elmes

    Roger Elmes says:

    As someone else mentioned – nice blend of old and new. My first reaction was that I had been transported back to 1948, when 99% of boats were wood or steel, and messing around wooden boat build and repair sheds, red lead and oakum – refurbishing each winter and in some spring launches watching boats swell up until watertight for the cruising season on Lake Ontario, Blast forward to owning a fiberglass ULDB in 1992 and racing her to Maui along with several cold-molded boats, one of which lost her custom rudder and had a $25,000 (1992 $) tow to Hono, getting repaired there and then falling on a dead-head in Juan de Fuca Strait on her return and sinking off a US Coast Guard station when they could only get one massive pump started.

  • Avatar

    Tim Healey says:

    Awesome tour. Perfect for the cabin fever, -24 degree Wisconsin winter day.

  • Avatar

    Owen Luck says:

    Thank you for the tour. As always an inspiring glimpse into the elegance of boat building.

  • Avatar

    Peter Hrabchak says:

    Thanks for a mid-winter BBY “fix”. I just came inside from shoveling and snowblowing in the midst of a serious blizzard. Your tour of current projects was uplifting. What innovative and clever building techniques! BBY has to represent the cutting-edge of wooden boat building technology. Thanks for taking time to do this video for us. Hope to see you in the Spring.

  • Avatar

    Chris Smead says:

    Amazing. I honestly didn’t realize a place like this could still exist! It’s like a Norman Rockwell picture come alive! Thanks for sharing.

  • Avatar

    David Heal says:

    Love these walkabouts — the technology and craftsmanship are amazing! I am curious as to the composition of the honeycomb core — Is it made of waterproof material or is it a paper-based product that relies on appropriate sealing from the elements?

  • Avatar

    Russ Curtis says:

    Thanks. The work is magic and the results spectacular.

  • Avatar

    Robert Hauser says:

    Very nice tour, love the new ulta weight construction and insight into the methods.

    Thanks and keep the videos coming.

  • Avatar

    David Cockey says:

    Historically 1/8″ thick wood applied over thick wood would be considered veneer, not lumber.

  • Avatar

    Michael Naumann says:

    So good to see you, Eric, exhibiting the excellence of the boatyard – and developing new ways of construction. Last time I watched you here, you were explaining the amazing novelties of Frank Gehry’s boat. He’s coming to Berlin at the end of February to celebrate his 90th birthday in our concert hall, the Pierre Boulez Saal, which he designed. I will ask him if he is still sailing “your boat.” Can’t wait to see you all again in July – regards to Brian as well! Best, Michael

  • Avatar

    Sam Benson says:

    Beautiful boats, both new and old. I’m going to go buy a lottery ticket…

  • Avatar

    Cliffe Connor says:

    Wonderful intro to what you all are doing there. Do you do any tours and such during the season?

  • Avatar

    Kent Lewis says:

    Very interesting blend of old and new, gave us some ideas for the new little catboat we are building. Thanks for the tour.
    Clark and Skipper

  • Avatar

    Peter MacLearn says:

    Great tour Eric. Very informative. Thank you.

    • Avatar

      Hugh MacRae says:

      Great walkabout.Made me feel like I was there. I could almost smell the sawdust.

  • Avatar

    Mark Weber says:

    Really great, inspiring video. Fascinating stuff. Thanks!

  • Avatar

    Douglas Wilkin says:

    Wonderful tour of cutting edge work. Many thanks.

  • Avatar

    Jerry Stavola says:

    Thanks for the walk through!. There are some awesome projects underway. It gets me cranked up to start working on my 52 year old Chris Craft! She’s stored outside under cover so I have to wait for the weather to break but it’s comin’ soon!
    Mad Cap

  • Avatar

    Morgan says:

    That was a wonderful walkabout. Well presented, clear and clean. As always, I learned a lot. Thank you again.- Morgan


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