Preview: How to Build a Beautiful Skiff, Part 6 – Layout and Building Molds

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Before the kids arrive, Eric Blake and Havilah Hawkins walk us through the process for laying out and building the molds for the skiff.

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6 Responses So Far to “How to Build a Beautiful Skiff, Part 6 – Layout and Building Molds

  • Avatar

    Gregory Corning says:

    Do you use SketchUp to make the mold plans? Any chance you can provide downloadable drawing files?

  • Avatar

    Gregory Corning says:

    What’s a sheer? Absolute beginners here…

      • Avatar

        Tom Williamson says:

        The sheer is the line at the top of the sides of the boat, the usual graceful curve that defines many boats. Chine is at the joint where the sides of the boat meet the bottom panels.

  • Avatar

    Bob Burk says:

    Clear explanation of lofting. Color coding it was really helpful.

  • Avatar

    greg mclaughlin says:

    Thanks for forwarding part 6.
    I’ve never built or repaired a boat before this attempt to “rebuild” an old (50’s or 60’s vintage ) flat iron skiff that has shown more rot and ware then expected.
    This video series has made this project a lot more interesting and more fun.
    Next time maybe a new one.
    I will know where to come for guidance. Greg


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