Preview: How to Build a Caledonia Yawl, Part 17 – Installing the Outer Stems & Keel

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In a double-ended boat, the outer stems define her final shape.  See how forethought throughout the project makes this final step a flourish instead of a nightmare.

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5 Responses So Far to “How to Build a Caledonia Yawl, Part 17 – Installing the Outer Stems & Keel

  • Avatar

    Edward Barker says:

    Love the series. Have plans on hand for the Markll Four strake. Has anyone done a planking diagram for rough cutting planking from scarfed 4′ x approx. 20′ plywood ? Thanks for any advice on how to manage the layout.

    • Avatar

      Geoff Kerr says:

      I regularly build the original four plank version. Scarfing up 4×20 sheets is an option, but I advise against it. The planks are wide and have a lot of shape, and You’ll waste a heck of a lot of very expensive plywood doing it that way. I would suggest spiling and making full-sized, stable patterns from something cheap like 1/4″ luan. Then you can decide on how you want to get out your actual planks. I lay my patterns on single sheets of stock and maximize my materials use, cut the segments and then scarf them up on a bench, using my patterns for alignment checks. You can do this and oversize them a bit in length and width until you are comfortable with your skills, accuracy and logistics. It will save you several sheets of quality plywood, and you’ll get to make your mistakes @ $14/sheet instead of $150!

  • Avatar

    Geoff Kerr says:

    The evolution of the skeg is a question for Iain. It does seem to have disappeared from the 7 plank version.

  • Avatar

    Daniel Miller says:

    What happened to the skeg? Is it not necessary?

  • Avatar

    Michael Seibert says:

    This series is Top Notch. And this particular video was timely. I am just about ready to install the keel on my wooden Lightning build, and picked up some valuable tips that will help immensely! Thank you again.


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