Preview: How to Build a Caledonia Yawl, Part 27 – The Floorboards

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Being systematic is key as the floorboards are cut and shaped before painting.

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3 Responses So Far to “How to Build a Caledonia Yawl, Part 27 – The Floorboards

  • Avatar

    Gregory Dudley says:

    Hi, I have a quick question, did you epoxy the floorboards before painting? I’m thinking i should do so with mine, but with the amount of wear floorboards take, I can’t decide if it would just trap moisture?

    Thanks, Greg Dudley

    • Avatar

      Geoff Kerr says:

      I do prime/seal with unthickened epoxy before painting. In my mind it really extends the life of the paint by minimizing the shrinking/swelling cycles.

  • Avatar

    Capt. Peter Reich says:

    Got to meet Geoff this weekend in Mystic at Wooden Boat Show. Spent quite a bit of time looking at both Geoff’s Ned Ludd and the boat he built in these videos. Both are a work or art! Looking forward to finishing my current boat project and starting my Caledonia yawl next winter. Now that the boat is complete, what about a final, wrap up video discussing some ball park costs for various components and also some sources for thing like the lumber for the spars. That would be real helpful in planing/budgeting. Great job Geoff! OCH, kkep the videos coming and Happy 4th!!


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