Preview: How to Build the Off Center Skiff, Part 18 – Seat-Risers & Seats

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Eric Blake, Havilah Hawkins and the kids build and install the seat-risers & seats on the Off Center Skiff.

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10 Responses So Far to “How to Build the Off Center Skiff, Part 18 – Seat-Risers & Seats

  • Avatar

    John Traina says:

    First of all , I have never left a comment on any video. Second of all I seldom take the time to sit down and watch the videos . I watched this whole series start to finish on on rainy day. The launch was a emotional experience for me. To Eric and Havilah , you guys did and incredible job with those kids. You are both brave men!

  • Avatar

    Robert says:

    Love your enthusiasm in teaching Eric, great work

  • Avatar

    Livio Muench says:

    I’ve been loving this series…the excitement and wonder and having giggle. In some ways this parallels the adventure of my current Goat Island Skiff build, inspired by OCH. So cool to have such gracious teachers to guide these young minds and hands…Eric and Havilah you rock.
    I can’t wait to see the kids launch their boat!!!

  • Avatar

    John Kristoff says:

    Well done. A great crew. Congratulations to all.

  • Avatar

    Vince Gallagher says:

    Great Inspiration! Thanks for all the hard work and sharing!

  • Avatar

    Ricky Finney says:

    What an incredible treasure for all involved. This project will definitely be a lifelong memory and a point of reference for many experiences for all.

  • Avatar

    Bob Ide says:

    I’m not sure which is more fun, being a kid learning new life skills and laughing with my friends, or, being able to teach new life skills to the kids and watching their confidence rise as the launch and get into their skiff for its maiden voyage. Congratulations to all involved.

  • Avatar

    Joel Schwalb says:

    It’s great to watch these kids having this experience. I’m sure that it will only be the beginning for some of them. Great series.

  • Avatar

    George Kaler says:

    This series has been great fun to watch. Aside from it just being well done, I found it interesting for two personal reasons. First of all I’m starting to work on building a Chesapeake Crabbing Skiff, designed by Doug Hylan. Even though my boat will be plywood construction with a lot of epoxy and this is traditional plank on frame construction, there’s a lot of useful information here that I know I will use. Second, I worked with a group of teens to build two rowboats years ago, and it’s great to watch Eric and Havilah interacting with the kids. Well done!


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