Building a Stitch and Glue Boat, Part 1 – Introduction

January 25, 2012

The FOX Double Paddle Canoe, a stitch and glue boat designed and built by Bill Thomas, has a long and distinguished pedigree. This video introduces the FOX and shows why we chose this particular model for our series on How to Build a Stitch and Glue Boat. members have full and unlimited access to a 20-part videos on how to build the stitch and glue FOX, with detailed instructions that are lucid, straightforward, and sure to build confidence among even first-time builders.

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View the entire  Fox Canoe Series Here

Kits for the FOX are available at:
Bill Thomas Woodworking

A Thousand Miles in a Rob Roy Canoe, by John McGregor

Places to purchase kits and learn to build them:

Bill Thomas Woodworking
Chesapeake Light Craft
Pygmy Boats
Shearwater Boats
The WoodenBoat School

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6 Responses So Far to “Building a Stitch and Glue Boat, Part 1 – Introduction”:

  1. Avatar Gary Crawford says:

    lookin forward to a new adventure

  2. Avatar Terje Korsnes says:

    New to the “club”. Really enjoyed the video with MB on his 23 foot boat. I am looking for suggestions for a 20-23 foot classic “style” with small in board motor.

  3. Avatar John Sullivan says:

    This is good. I’m a musician. I love the background music. Something “Tupelo Honey”.. Who is it? and what title? You didn’t credit the artist at the end.
    I discovered Walt Wilkins from your NY30 video of “Alera”. Am a devoted fan and enjoyed him in person several times.
    Keep ’em coming

    • Steve Stone Steve Stone says:

      Hey John. It’s Kevin Welch. It’s an instrumental version of “Answer Me That” which Kevin’s folks mixed for us. You’re in for a nice journey discovering his work.

  4. Avatar Leif Knutsen says:

    When folks ask my advice on how big a vessel to buy my stock answer it to think of the absolutely smallest vessel that they think they need and then cut that in half. That is the vessel they will have the most fun with.

  5. Avatar Laurence Tobin says:

    Very motivating presentation

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