Preview: Building the Oonagh Rowing/Sailing Dinghy, Part 3 – Ladder Frame, Molds and Transoms

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The OONAGH build starts shaping up as Kit dry-fits and fixes the molds and transoms to the strongback. It’s easy to get excited seeing the general shape of the hull outlined!

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17 Responses So Far to “Building the Oonagh Rowing/Sailing Dinghy, Part 3 – Ladder Frame, Molds and Transoms

  • Avatar

    Mike Justice says:

    Life time warranty on that OSB plywood?
    OSB has a glue lam life of 7 years.

  • Avatar

    Robert says:

    Great! Concise instruction on layout here. I’m looking forward to watching this series.
    I do miss the ability to run your video playback faster. Nice to absorb the host’s clear instructions at 1.25, and especially 1.5 if rewatching.
    Thanks, awesome work as always.

  • Avatar

    Kent and Skipper says:

    Nice Moaning Chairs in the background, esp the crusty white one :)

  • Avatar

    Ted Guild says:

    Plans are clear on recommendation for the material composition of fastener but not the size. What size bronze silicon is suggested?

  • Avatar

    THOMAS HATCH says:

    My ladderframe is coming along well – square and level so far. But I have a question about the cleat. How important is it to square up the edges of the 2 x 4? And, the plans call for the cleat to be 1 1/4 in wide. In the video, Kit suggests 1 1/2 in. I’ve set the frame up for 1 1/4. Thanks! Looking forward to video #4.

  • Avatar

    Trent sellens says:

    My kit arrived Wednesday. Nice plywood. Nice milling.
    I’m so excited that I get to show my 7 year old daughter a videos of a woman building a boat.

  • Avatar

    Scott Berger says:

    I love the kit and the videos are fantastic but I’d really like to complete my build over the next month or two. If you can’t get the videos out faster, could you possibly post a written synopsis of the rest of the videos on your website that we could refer to until the videos are released. I know that would help me continue building and it would probably aid a lot of the other people requesting videos as well. If you continue releasing videos every other week, we will still be building this adorable pram next summer! I know: “Start slow, then ease up” but this is too exciting to have to wait! Thanks so much, Scott.

  • Avatar

    Ben Tupper says:


    I am enjoying the videos and Kit’s very good walk through. I have some questions…

    1. This video and the previous video are great for those who bought the kit. What resources would you point us non-kit folks toward to learn about making the strongback and molds?

    2. I’m really glad that the videos are so well done – they are helpful. On the other hand, I join with others who have expressed joyful eagerness move this along. I’m doing this in my unheated garage, and, well, there’s only so many long johns one can fit under the jeans. Obviously I can’t do glueing once it gets too cold, but I hoped to have most of the cutting done before I trade my block plane for a snow shovel. I am novice enough to rely heavily on the video walk-throughs. Do you have a sense of the pace of releases?

    3. I see that we can make comments after each post. I’m sure it must be like herding cats to get everything in one place, but would it possible to make a page that has all of the Oonagh-centric posts and comments?

    Thanks and cheers,

      • Avatar

        Ben Tupper says:

        Anyone have thoughts to share on what sheet good to use for making the molds? Does it need to be a multi-ply sheet? OSB? Or would MDF work for the purpose? And is there a best thickness to use – it looks like 1/2″ on the plans, but perhaps there are reasons to be something other than that? Merci!

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    Other than the cordless driver, what power tools have been and will be in use as the build goes together? Jointer? Table saw? Bandsaw? Are the shapes/angles of blocks attached to the molds and transoms for fastening the keelson described or shown in the plans? Thanks!

  • Avatar

    Mike Spencer says:

    Living in sylvan lake alberta. 100 miles from capital Edmonton and 100 Miles from Calgary where is the closest place i can get it kit built at. I would drive to pick it up where ever that is. Really interested and with not going south for the winter it would be a great time to build one.
    Mike spencer

  • Avatar

    Eric R Winter says:

    At one point you say, “I’m choosing to orient centerlines toward the bow.” Does this mean that on each mold you are putting the scribed line facing the bow? Is there a scribed line on only one side? Does it matter which way they face? Will it screw it up if some of them face the opposite way? (This supposed to be for beginners, and I’m qualified to wear the title).


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