Preview: Building Raised Panels at Rockport Marine

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Building a raised panel is no simple task, and yet Joe Kobak at Rockport Marine knocked out this entire raised panel project in one day. Yes, one day.

We worked on this video in collaboration with Alison Langley, who shot much of the prettiest footage you’ll see. In the midst of working on a larger piece on the 83′ schooner ADVENTURESS with Alison, we showed up just to get a few “b-roll” shots of the process of building a raised panel. Joe had everything well organized, and with his remarkable level of craftsmanship he did everything you see here by mid-afternoon.

We filmed every step of the process, and have put a detailed “hot-to” video on our editing list. But for now, we thought Joe’s work was so artful, we wanted to present it more artfully. Stay tuned for the more detailed video during the winter.

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14 Responses So Far to “Building Raised Panels at Rockport Marine

  • Avatar

    Diane Pool says:

    Well, after watching again, finally realized it IS varnish that’s being applied, so what I thought was being scraped back to bare wood is actually the dust from being sanded. No wonder no one wanted to make me feel any more foolish by pointing this out.

  • Avatar

    Mike Cusack says:

    Great craftsmanship but WOW! What a workshop.

  • Avatar

    Diane Pool says:

    Just watched again and don’t understand the part towards the end, looks like a varnish stain that he then scrapes off…what is it? I also realized how stupid I sounded commenting on my six panels to his three–his impressed me so much more by their massive size that there is no comparison. Would like to give kudos also to Alison Langley’s skills–her website category of interiors is stunning.

  • Avatar

    Diane Pool says:

    Takes my breath away! Yes, too fast but watching the ‘art’ of it (which was your focus) again is something akin to a gift. I will do so, simply to grasp clearly his definition for ‘Cathedral’…I’d thought it referred to the arched shape at the top of the frame when making a folding raised panel door to PILAR’s head–of six panels, but only three very narrow panels in each half of the door. What a FANTASTIC shop, too! BEAUTIFUL video! Thank you…

    • Steve Stone

      Steve Stone says:

      The grain in the wood displays an arched cathedral-looking shape in the panels when he’s done. He does explain that quickly.

  • Avatar

    Gregg Schenker says:

    Incredible demonstration of skilled craftsmanship. Extraordinary !

  • Avatar

    Chris Methot says:

    Great video. Just enough to allow insight into the thinking process.

  • Avatar

    Richard Rasdall says:

    Too quick. Too much going on and not enough detail or info. A good fluff piece…sorry. Honest opinion

  • Avatar

    Peter Oskam says:

    what an incredible talent, thanks for sharing

  • Avatar

    william biba says:

    beautiful work! I think of the craftsman that did similar work with out power tools. (my shop is full of them.)

  • Avatar

    Patrick FitzGerald says:

    Woodwork was well done in an afternoon but the true finishing must have taken days.

  • Avatar

    Ken Williams says:

    Beautiful! Hey, how about a video with Mudd Sharrigan showing knife making and sharpening?

  • Avatar

    Doug Wood says:

    from raw lumber to its place in a floating piece of art…respect!


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