Preview: Building a Stitch and Glue Boat, Part 16 – Shop Safety

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Here we pause from building to remind ourselves of what’s really important… step #1 in keeping our beautiful hand-eye coordination is keeping our hands and eyes intact.

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One Response So Far to “Building a Stitch and Glue Boat, Part 16 – Shop Safety

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    Bill Theurkauf says:

    Really great advice. I’d add the following. Many of us amateurs work on boats after work in the evening. I, for one, also like a beer to unwind after a day at work. This may seem obvious, but don’t even think of touching serious woodworking power tools after knocking down a beer or two after work. You may think you’re fine, but you are not. A good friend nearly lost 3 fingers to a band saw doing just this. In fact, save the beer for after the evening in the shop, no matter what you’re doing. You’ll find that the quality of your had cut joinery will improve significantly! .


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