Preview: Carrying on the Tradition, Hand Painted Boat Lettering

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On a classic boat, nothing says “hand made” better than the artful flourish of hand painted boat lettering.

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21 Responses So Far to “Carrying on the Tradition, Hand Painted Boat Lettering

  • Avatar

    Eric Takakjian says:

    Really enjoyed watching this. So cool to see a real professional at work! I’ve tried this myself and would like to get better at it.

  • Avatar

    Neil Henderson says:

    Great video and I’m sure many of us would like to be able to produce hand painted name boards for our boats.
    Would it be possible for OCH to make a training video ‘ how to paint your boats name’?

    Thanks Neil

  • Avatar

    Dennis Phillips says:

    My Father and Grandfather were sign painters. Sarah doesn’t mention the oil used for brush storage. As a kid I recall my fathers using “banana oil”, Do I recall correctly? Any one?

  • Avatar

    Kenneth Jeffreys says:

    I remember as a kid watching a guy hand letter my dad’s store window signage and thought that was the neatest thing. It still amazes me and always will. Beautiful work from a true artist.

  • Avatar

    David L Schroeder says:

    Another great video! A positive feature of OCH is the learning never stops. I noticed the video comments range from 2015 to 5/2017 until my viewing in April, 2018. Sarah, thank you for sharing your expertise, supply recommendations, and a clear demonstration of your outstanding skill.

  • Avatar

    Scott Green says:

    So cool! So … patient. Guess I’ll have to give another crack at Serena’s name. Thanks so much OCH and Sarah!

  • Avatar

    Paul Ross says:

    I’ve always wanted to watch a sign painter work and now I have. I like how she rested her right hand on her left while painting. Sarah is a fine teacher too and described her techniques simply and succinctly. I’m always impressed by someone who freely shares the secrets of their trade. Thank you Sarah and OCH.

  • Avatar

    Arthur Maroney says:

    It would be interesting to learn how to clean a diesel engine and the engine room area properly.

  • Avatar

    Denis Noble says:

    I’ve always admired good sign-writing. It was a treat to see Sarah practising her craft and explaining how she did it. Good for you Sarah!!

  • Avatar

    Ray Vosper says:

    Thanks for sharing your art with us, Sarah. It’s convinced me I need to hire a pro for lettering.

  • Avatar

    Jerry Julian says:

    I worked for a sign shop part time and we used a little aluminum paint in our whites to keep them bright. Great video and nice to see traditional hand lettering still used.

  • Avatar

    William Loutrel says:

    Lovely to see Starlight. My Uncle Fran owned her for many years, and she was his baby. Glad to see her still looking wonderful!

  • Avatar

    terry brower says:

    Very nice work. Brought back memories of working with the Highway Department. I learned hand lettering from my Uncle in the early 70’s. We also used One Shot lettering paint and squirrel tail brushes- made by Langnickel. My favorite technique was free hand- almost like calligraphy.

  • Avatar

    Tom Roderick says:

    Beautiful! My father did hand-painted lettering and posters as a hobby and was very good. I marvel at the steady hand and sharp eye it takes to produce this fine artwork and Sarah makes it look so easy.

  • Avatar

    Jonathan Mc Donald says:

    It was a real pleasure watching Sarah Brandon letter the Starlight. Hand painted names are so much more aesthetically pleasing compared to vinyl. I learned a lot and really love OCH. Thanks for the fine video.


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