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The Catboat KATIE M – A Charter Day-Sailer in Port Townsend

A little classic like the catboat KATIE M appeals to both the neophyte sailor and the old salt making her an ideal charter boat in Port Townsend.


You can learn more about KATY M and book a charter at Left Coast Charter's Website.


If you're on the east coast of the U.S. and would like a similar cruise aboard KATY M's sister ship, check out the BRECK MARSHALL at Mystic Seaport Museum


Home Port: Port Townsend, WA
Year Built: 2009
LOA: 27'
Beam: 10'
Owners: Erik Brown & Alyce Flanagan
Designer: Crosby
Design: Modified Crosby Catboat
Type: Catboat

Visit The Catboat Association to learn more about the history and fleet.

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14 Responses So Far to “The Catboat KATIE M – A Charter Day-Sailer in Port Townsend

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    Scott Jones says:

    Awesome video! I’d l love to hear more about the boat and how Erik adjusted Katie to dial her in!

  • David Tew

    David Tew says:

    An even earlier (and likely most faithful to the original) Frances replica was built at the Crosby boatyard in Osterville on Cape Cod for Townsend Hornor in 1968. That one had a counter transom with underslung rudder. She sailed for many years there with “Osterville Free Library” emblazoned on her sail. Townie donated her to the Osterville Historical Society where she is on display among other Crosby-built boats (plus a Beetle cat, a fleet of which is sailed locally):

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    David Jorgensen says:

    Such a treat to see this video and meet the charter operators. My wife and I think we were the first paying charter customers on Alcyone and have wonderful memories of the boat and the hospitality and seamanship of Alyce’s parents, Sugar And Leslie. what a great memory to be evoked!

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    Gordon Stewart says:

    I love catboats. Stable and, with their broad beam and the mast tucked way forward out of the way, roomy and comfortable for their length. The only down side I can think of is that any boat over 20′ or so is going to be too beamy for the highway. I’m just finishing my first build (an 11′ 6″ Pickup Pram from Jim Michalich) and if I am blessed to build another, I expect it will be a small cat boat.

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    Paul Cammaroto says:

    Great Video OCH. The super relaxed simple interview is very indicative of Catboat sailing., IMHO.
    Great series for this Sunday’s OCH blast. Catboat Fever
    Thank You

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    Tony Hoff says:

    Thanks for sharing your great story about your boat, your business and lives.
    Tony Hoff, Goolwa, South Australia

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    Wayne Bartow says:

    Great stuff and how fortunate you folks are to be in a community of folks whow appreciates what it takes to own and maintain a wooden boat of any type in this day and age. We here on the East Coast are seeing a the slow demise of folks who cre to own a wooden boat aand seem to pity those of us who own and really love our wooden vessels and i for one would not want to own a Glass boat at all . Soul less i feel. Thanks for keeping the spirit alive .

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    Kent and Skipper says:

    Oh great! The catboat urge had started to die off a bit and OCH publishes this video. Thanks a lot!
    We’ll have to study these plans and see what develops :)
    Clark and Skipper
    Smithfield, VA

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    John Atwill says:

    We sailed with Erik on the Katie-M in 2021 and the video captures both the beauty of the boat and the friendly skills of the skipper. Recommend a charter if your in PT; we hope to sail again this summer.

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    John Fuller says:

    Catboats have always fascinated me from the day I launched my homebuilt 27 ft. sloop. There were two Nonsuch in the harbour in 1985. A 26 and a 30. The 26 was larger inside than my 27.
    No shrouds and it was amazing. Loved this story.

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    Donald Goldring says:

    Lovely boat and great job to have! I’m jealous and have to get to Port Townsend one day.
    Dan Goldring, Kingston Ontario.