Preview: CHAMPAGNE – A Float Plan for Life

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With degrees in engineering and naval architecture from the U.S. Naval Academy and MIT, plus a 21-year career in the U.S. Navy, just what sort of boat would a guy choose for a voyage, and where would he choose to go?

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21 Responses So Far to “CHAMPAGNE – A Float Plan for Life

  • Avatar

    dave nederhood says:

    Enjoyed your narrative, pictures, and video of you sailing the Pacific on your Crealock 37. Very pretty boat no question. I am living thru you vicariously here on the East Cst of the USofA, in Guilford, CT. Have been working on my 1978 Bristol 35.5 with plans to sail to Bermuda and then we will see. I love comparing my “numbers” to other comparable boats and the similarity of your Crealock to my Bristol are amazing. LOA a bit longer, but LWL-27′ & change, beam (10’10”), displacement (15,000), and sail area (540 ish ft) are so close. Albeit I have a reverse transom to your canoe stern. Installed an inner forestay for heavy weather, but otherwise a sloop to your cutter. All the best to you down under. thnks again, Dave

  • Avatar

    Tom Luhr says:

    Interested in knowing if Champagne had radar. I would think a navagation system with gps a must but would like to know

  • Avatar

    Pedro Ortiz-Chevres says:

    Question I have a Columbia 36 also design by Mr. Bil Crealock , Could there be information on on the design and contruction of the Columbia 36? Thanks

  • Avatar

    William Elliott says:

    Great story and video. I have a Crealock 34, the baby sister to the 37. She’s an incredible vessel. My current canvas dodger is just about at the end of its life. I’ve been thinking about how to build a hard dodger just like Gary has on Champagne. Fits the boat very nicely and looks extremely durable. I’d love to know if he has any construction plans or photos of building it, or just general guidelines.

  • Avatar

    Hugh Robertson says:

    I almost bought a PS37 last Fall in Seattle, but decided it was too big for me as someone new to ocean sailing, and ended up buying the little sister, the PS34, in Panama. I’ve only been able to sail on her briefly, to the San Blas islands, but liked her a lot and was hoping to take her through the canal and across the Pacific this spring, but the coronavirus put paid to those plans, at least for now. It is basically a scaled-down version of the PS37, but as solidly built as the PS37. Mine has a tiller, which I wanted, but I do envy your hard dodger and I like your fixed swim ladder, I will have to see if I can get one built like that.

  • Avatar

    Bradford Preston says:

    Wonderful life story and video – thanks! Like the hard dodger.

    • Avatar

      Andrew Shemella says:

      Blends nicely with the lines of the boat. Good spot for solar panel. A+

  • Avatar

    David Howes says:

    We bought our ‘83 Pacific Seacraft 37 in East Blue Hill in 1999. As Gary says, she is a compromise, but a beautiful and capable compromise.
    We have sailed Margalo thousands of miles in comfort and safety. She is currently in Strandby, Denmark, awaiting our return.
    Cruising to distant places does, indeed, open our minds and our hearts. It teaches us self-sufficiency. It forces us to slow down and contemplate our world. It simultaneously creates opportunities for solitude, adventure, and challenge.
    Many thanks to you and Gary for another great video…….

  • Avatar

    David Jackson says:

    Loved it ! Beautiful video. Keep livin the dream my friend ! Sail on ….

  • Avatar

    Daniel Palmer says:

    Beautiful boat, truly inspiring lifestyle, log it thanks for the video

  • Avatar

    John Stephen says:

    Beautiful video gorgeous boat and I fine man and sailor. Set your sails towards the sunset and keep have all of my admiration and respect my man.

  • Avatar

    Dave Dickmeyer says:

    I let a Creelock 34 get away from me back in the late 90’s. Damn, this really make me regret not buying that boat. I’ve always loved them! Thanks for the great video guys.

  • Avatar

    WB McKenzie says:

    As a former Kiwi and USNA graduate (long story) Gary’s story and boat are delightful. Curious about what looks like a roller furler on the jib. Love to hear the pros and cons. Sailed extensively in the late 70s early 80s – recently bought a boat – four big differences: velcro rather than lacings, zipties rather than small stuff, electronics (oh my), and roller furling.

  • Avatar

    Robert Webber says:

    Absolutely smashing opening shot of the vessel making way, followed by others enabling a close study of how the hull shape is interacting with the water. Also a great explanation of what can be experienced beyond the water. Just what the doctor ordered.

  • Avatar

    Julia Graves says:

    Lovely video and look into the “living his dream” life of this person. Beautiful!

  • Avatar

    Peter MacLearn says:

    Gary: A life well planned and a life well lived. “…Sail on, sail on Sailor…”

  • Avatar

    Steve Brookman says:

    Gary, was my neighbor growing up in Columbia, CT, and I followed him by 4years to the Naval Academy. His father taught me how to sail. Sailing a Crealock around the world was my goal earlier in life. Lived aboard in the USVI and managed a single handed sail from Maine to FL but then transitioned to small boat sailing and never did make it back to cruising. Glad that Gary is living that life.


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